Angela Gets Real Hair Back Thanks to Reddit Fans

A recent Reddit trend has changed TLC viewers the color of 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy After? star Angela Deem’s hair to fill her weight with weight.

After her weight loss, 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem is now looking 20 years younger because of Reddit users that Michael’s wife gave him his real hair. on 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human? season 6, Angela’s regular franchise finally starts to change weight in season 3. But as Michael still resists making Angela look, especially because of her plastic surgery , the couple’s marriage is about to fall apart. However, will Michael, thinking that Angela will leave him for a new man once he’s 100 pounds thinner, will accept his look even more intimidating with black hair?

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For Angela, who has lived on Coke and cigarettes all her adult life, taking on risky weight-loss surgery has come at a cost. Not just new 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human? flirting at the stage of Angela faced complications during the operation, but also underwent five surgeries a day. On top of this, Angela told her Nigerian husband Michael about massaging her “boob doctor”To make him jealous backfired most. And her family not answering her calls as she was on her way also left Angela sad. But Angela doesn’t have to worry about not having the support of the people in her life, out of thousands 90 Day Fiancé the fans returned to meemaw.

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In anticipation of finding a little 90 Day Fiancé The star Angela, some fans are trying to give her a boost of their own. A Reddit users shared a photo of a smiling Angie with the caption,Like Angela who is 10+ years old without her hair bleached, right?”Gathered over 3.7k upvotes. the Angela’s photoshopping really caught everyone’s eye with comments such as, “It’s too much to look at. White blonde is not for everyone, “”True. It looks much healthier too, “And”You are so much better! Even a medium brown seems less damaged and aged. ”Some fans have also been able to fall into editing, with that in mind 90 Day Fiancé The star Angela shaved her hair really really well.

While some fans believe Angela is a blonde beauty of all time, the myth was recently shattered when throwback photos of the native Georgia came out online. The photos are from Angela who turned 15 in 1981, one from the following year and, a senior photo from her in 1983. But other than that 90 Day Fiancé icon Angela flashing her signature smile in black and white photos, what is usually her black, perme hair.

Now, Angela, who has revealed her sheer weight in pieces and pieces on Instagram and TikTok, tucked her long curly hair into a ponytail. But how Angela looks as a brunette, fans really want to see 90 Day Fiancé star testing their proposal. As long as Michael doesn’t sweat the new hair that has been falling out for 10 years on Angela’s face, that’s it.

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