Animal Crossing Player Recreates Beauty and The Beast Ballroom Scene

An Animal Crossing player was able to recreate the story as it was ancient times, featuring Belle and the Beast’s iconic dancing scene from Beauty & The Beast

In a Animal Crossing The player re-creates the iconic ballroom dancing scene from the 1991 Disney movie Beauty and The Beast. Using beautiful wallpaper and floors to recreate the interior of the Beast castle, one player was able to recreate the same aesthetic from the original cartoon film.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a gamer has used it Animal Crossing: New Horizons to recreate scenes from iconic movies. The freedom that Animal Crossing offers about objects, clothing, and backgrounds lend themselves to creating visual images. In a Animal Crossing The player re-created the trailer for the holiday classic Alone at home thanks to the decorative features offered in the game, along with reactions that allow the player character to emote. Now, a player has been able to recreate the story as old as time Beauty and The Beast.


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Redditor ZigzagPier shared their fun in the ballroom of the Beast castle, which was praised by most of the comments for its accuracy. ZigzagPier wore the same elegant, yellow ballgown that Belle wore in the movies as she danced with the Beast, played by Animal Crossing villager Elvis. Surprisingly, not only does Elvis look like the Beast in his lion model, but his cranky personality is similar to that of the Cursed Beast. In the background, a cup, tea, and candle can all be seen, a rendition of the characters Chip, Mrs. Potts, and Lumier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that ZigzagPier has found a grandfather’s clock that will serve as Cogsworth’s character, but otherwise, this fun will look great.

Although Beauty and The Beast remade live-action at Disney in 2017, this entertainment is clearly an ode to the original animated version. Not just the cartoonish aesthetic of Animal Crossing it’s better to lend yourself to the animated version, but the dress and surroundings will both fit that version. Even if ZigzagPier isn’t able to completely recreate the scope and grandeur of that scene, their creation is definitely strong enough to get reviews from other players on Reddit.

With nothing more updates on Animal Crossing: New Horizons planned for the future, one can expect that interest in the simulation game of life will disappear. The enthusiasm, however, remains sky high thanks to creatures like the ZigzagPier. The ability to recreate almost anything from life, games, television, or movies, capture it using in-game tools, and share it with the community at large has helped Animal Crossing maintain its long life. Perhaps, the game will last as long as Belle and the Beast’s romance.

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Source: ZigzagPier/Reddit

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