Anita Lane, Early Member of Bad Seed, Died at age 61

Anita Lane, the singer of the song and has long been Nick Cave collaborate as an early member of the Bad Seed, died, Rolling Stone reports. A lyricist and solo artist in his own right, Lane was a former Cave’s collaborator, working with him and Mick Harvey during their Birthday Party time in the early 1980s. The cause of death was not disclosed. Anita Lane is 61 years old.

Anita Lane met Nick Cave in the late 1970s, leading them to work with Birthday Party in the early 80s: Lane wrote the lyrics to “A Dead Song” (from 1981’s Fire Prayer) and also wrote lyrics for two songs in the 1982’s Junkyard. In addition, she co -wrote some of the songs that defined Cave’s career, including “From Her to Eternity” and “Stranger Than Kindness.” His solo debut, the 1988 EP Dirty Songs, featured performances by Cave and members of Bad Seed.

After working with Lane on Bad Seeds, Mick Harvey released two full-length albums with the artist: 1993’s Dirty Pearl and 2001 Sex O’Clock. Lane continued to contribute to Bad Seeds records until 1995 Murder Ballads.

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