Anne Heche casts the shadow of Ex Ellen DeGeneres on Must-See TikTok

Anne Heche went on to have a little fun poking at his yesterday.

In his latest video on TikTok (posted on May 6), the All Stand The artist participates in the platform challenge, and the video opens with the interesting question, “Who do you think I’ll get?”

The wildly popular filter allows users to “heal the body” of a different person, often one in common with them. Once a snap is captured, the app selects a face that is supposed to serve the most similarity.

Naturally she changed her ex, Ellen DeGeneres.

After a real-life photo of Anne was altered in a 1994 fall of Ellen on a red carpet, her filtered voice was heard saying, “OMG, she’s not.”

The 51-year-old star posted the clip with the caption, “Disappointed but not surprised. #Shapeshifting #joke.”

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