Anthony Mackie Reveals If Sam Was Right To Decide To Be Captain America

Anthony Mackie reveals when exactly Sam Wilson decided to become Captain America after being reluctant to take the Falcon & Winter Soldier shield.

Sam’s decision to become Captain America reinforces his last heart-to-heart talk with Bucky in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After Steve Rogers completes his final mission to restore all of the Infinity Stones used in the time heist, he returns to the MCU’s main timeline one last time to choose who will replace him. He chose his trusted friend and ally Sam as the next Star-Spangled Avenger before Old Man Steve disappeared.

As Falcon carried the shield, he decided to hand it over The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiere. It paves the way for the government to provide it John Walker briefly occupied the role. Sam isn’t on board the new Captain America, but he’s still skeptical of the idea of ​​earning his rightful place as the next version of the hero. It didn’t help that he knew what happened to the first Black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley, whose history was hidden from the public. Finally, he talks to her who becomes the next shield of the shield.

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When asked what changed his mind about being Captain America in a new conversation USA Today, Anthony Mackie said that Sam’s conversation with Bucky The Falcon and the Winter Soldier penultimate episode drives this rotation. The actor added that the former Winter Soldier recognized his personal struggle was great for his character.

This is the training scene with Bucky, as they throw the shield. America struggles with recognition, specifically recognition for Black Americans and their contributions to what this country has accomplished. Sam meant too much just for what Bucky said, “I never considered what it means for a Black man to be Captain America.” That was the big important change for Sam. It was a cathartic experience, and his ability to release that pain and frustration at that hour turned the character back on his head and moved him in the direction of accepting the idea of ​​becoming Captain America.

Sam and Bucky with Falcon and Winter Soldier shields

On the whole The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ‘Running, Sam and Bucky have different conversations, but the one in episode 5, as casual in setting, is their most important. It’s worth remembering that at the start of the show, Bucky intentionally ignored Sam’s effort to reach out; it was only when Walker started as the new Captain America that he finally sought him out. From there, the pair stay with each other, but Bucky continues to chastise Sam for his decision to hand over the shield. Bucky later sees where Sam is from when he dismisses the superhero which in turn helps Falcon figure out that there is finally an ally who really understands, urges him to become a Star-Spangled Avenger.

Now, when he becomes Captain America, Sam has a long way to go at MCU. completion The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he rightly got to be the next version of the Avengers leader after Steve’s disappearance. However, as Bucky helps him throughout the heroic journey, expect him to do the same for the former HYDRA killer as he progresses. working on continuity from his Winter Soldier persona in the inevitable second season of the Disney + show.

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