Anton Danyluk of Love Island “Blessed” to Survive the Car Crash

Anton Danyluk, best known as a contestant in the fifth season of Island of Love, shared that he was “blessed to be alive” after a car accident this week.

The reality star posted a photo of the wreckage of his car Instagram story, saying he collided with a bus in Dubai on Oct. 26 but was “perfectly fine.”

“Feeling blessed to be alive after this last night,” wrote Anton, 27. “It’s ok I’m just so thankful no one was hurt.”

He later recounted in a video that he was driving home from the gym when he encountered a bus.

“A bus met me and his brakes were very fast because he had a speed bump,” he recalls. “I went kind of sideways behind him … I don’t know how OK I am.”

He said buses “are always in a hurry to get to places,” writing on social media, “Those driving in Dubai will know that drivers are angry herr [sic] always in a hurry you must have eyes [in] behind your head. ”

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