Arab Strap Share New Song “Aphelion”: Listen

Arabic Strap shared a new song called “Aphelion.” This is the A-side of a 7 “single b/w” Flutter, “due March 4 through Stone Action. Both songs are the remainder of studio sessions in Scottish outfits for their 2021 LP As the Days Darken. “Aphelion” is already streaming now; see it below.

In a statement, Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap said about 7 ”:

“These two songs were written, recorded and mixed during the sessions for As the Days Darken but despite our love for them, we didn’t find a place for them on the last album. Maybe it’s because they have their own distinct personality, but sometimes a song is better to listen to on its own, if it’s not part of a crowd and vying for attention. So, to celebrate the anniversary of the album’s release, we present As the Days Darkenthe two run away alone; a couple black sheep who may not click with the rest of the family but, even if they are not very happy, are still worthy of a hug. ”


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Moffat and Malcolm Middleton break up Arap Strap after the release of their 2005 LP The Last Romance, formerly reunite in 2016 on tour. The songs of As the Days Darken contains the first new Arab Strap music since their partnership. they reissued some 1996 debut The Week Doesn’t Start Here in 2010 and also in 2019.

See Pitchfork’s 2006 “Guest List”About Arab Strap Malcolm Middleton.

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