Archer Season 13 Needs to Fix the Show’s Character Problem

With Archer renewing for season 13, the show has to solve the biggest character problem to come out of coma seasons.

With Archer Updated for season 13, the show has to solve the biggest character problem to come out of coma seasons. Originally a straight-up spy comedy, Archer started playing its formula starting in season 5, Archer Vice, when the gang became drug smugglers and left the agency. In season 7, then a private detective, Archer is shot and falls into a coma that leads to 3 full seasons.Archer Dreamland, Archer: Danger Island, and Archer: 1999—which happened all over the inside of his head. This pride in the end ended in season 10 episode 9.

At the heart of Archer is the toxic relationship between Sterling (H. Jon Benjamin) and his mother Mallory (Jessica Walter). Around them floats a constellation of strange undeserving participants including underground wrestler Pam (Amber Nash), ditzy heiress Cheryl/Carol (Judy Greer), and Archer’s ex-girlfriend. that Lana (Aisha Tyler). While the comedies fly well during each episode, it’s the character beats that make fans love the show. Choices like flashbacks to Mallory’s horrific treatment of Archer as a child are the opposite of Lana’s forced upbringing that elevates their relationships. When Archer and Lana finally got together in season 6, it felt like the natural conclusion of years of progress.


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Unfortunately, any real growth would stop if Archer fell into a coma. The show elevates its context, creating an illusion of change that never moves any of the characters forward. The first period of coma, Archer: Dreamland, changed the nature of the show, changing each character and making the story darker. However, since it all happened in Sterling’s head, nothing felt real. Now that we’re back in the real world, character momentum should be important.

Season 11 finds Archer crippled and shocked by the changes that have taken place over the years he has been unconscious. However, it didn’t take long for Sterling — and the show — to continue the state of permanent stagnation. At the start of season 12, Archer returns to his old selfish self, with a cane. Cyril, after briefly taking Archer’s place as the world’s most prolific super-spy, returns to constant failure, and Pam and Cheryl go back to their old hijink. Even the introduction of Archer and Lana’s daughter, who is now at an age of a real character, didn’t result in growth for one of her parents.

After the death of Jessica Walter during the production of season 12, season 13 will have to adjust itself to deal with his loss. Since Mallory’s importance in the story is second only to that of Archer himself, the hole left by his character cannot be arbitrarily placed on paper. One way to fill the void is to commit to allowing the characters on the show to change. A Sterling who is finally no longer under his mother’s control is a good move for a Sterling to be able to actually run the Agency or be a good parent. After many periods of experimentation, it was time Archer abante gyud.

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