Ariana Madix caught Tom Sandoval lying on Vanderpump Rules

Tom Sandoval not there at Ariana Madixtime of need.

on Vanderpump Rules‘ May 3 episode, revealed that, filmed in September, the co-owner of TomTom partied with Rachel Leviss on the same day his ex-boyfriend found out about his grandmother Bonnie died. And as Tom tells Ariana that he can’t ride home to console her for the loss, Lala Kent witnessed a different chain of events at the Labor Day bash.

“I was at the barbecue,” Lala told Ariana in the latest episode, “Tom came up to me and was like, ‘Ariana is really mad at me right now.'”

But Tom tells Ariana that he doesn’t care about his friend Jason left the party, leaving him without a ride.

“No, he is DOING know,” Lala insisted. “I’m sitting.”

At that point, Ariana called her partner of nine years to clarify their conflicting stories.

“So, Jason said he was going to leave the party and then you said ‘no, I’m actually gonna stay?'” he asked Tom. “And then you choose to stay longer? I know my grandmother died, like, while you were there.”

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