Ariela Creates New Fundraiser To Change The Lives Of Burn Victims

Fans have previously helped Ariela raise funds for operations on a burn victim. He now wants to change the woman’s life in another gathering.

Star of 90 Day Fiancé Ariela Weinberg asked fans to also donate to support a fire victim who lost her family and was ridiculed by her community. The mommy-of-one started differently GoFundMe page to receive the donation. Looks like Ariela still living in Ethiopia with her fiancé, Biniyam Shibre, and their one -year -old son Aviel. She tried to help her community, and in particular connected with a woman who was suffering from a terrible tragedy.

Previously, Ariela had been raising money for a 34-year-old woman named Zuleya Tayib. The fire was severe and sustained multiple injuries during his cooking and the gasoline -fueled kitchen exploded. In November 2020, the 90 Day Fiancé the celeb helped him setting up a GoFundMe PAGE for his two major operations for “counteracting and punching the skin“under anesthesia. At that time, she was able to save $ 2,455 successfully. Ariela revealed that she had recently visited Zuleya and found that she was living in a difficult situation. She wanted to raise her living conditions and to finally his life will change.

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Ariela shared that Zuleya is from the southern Gurage zone and now lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He previously lived in Sudan and other Arab countries for seven years as a refugee. She has no family, as she lost her three -year -old son and was abandoned by her husband. Zuleya sells socks from her house. If he tried to sell his goods on the street, he was sometimes attacked by the police. Check out the photos property posted with Zuleya. The photos also show the condition of his residence:

New Jersey native Ariela wants to help her fans show Zuleya that the world can be beautiful. She tells him that she is not alone and that there are people in other countries who long for her and want to support her. Right now, Ari is raising money “for the costs of changing his bandages, money for pain treatment and itch cream, as well as enough to help him start a new business. “Fundraising was just the beginning because Ari was also planning to replace his house. Zuleya had a leaky roof, and he”frozen at night from metal walls lack of separation.“Should he?”a new mattress, blanket, and pillow.

Bride of Biniyam, recently confused fans with pregnancy notice, encouraged 90 Day Fiance fans to give through GoFundMe page, even if it’s just a dollar. If someone can’t donate, Ariels asks them to write a letter, draw a photo, or make another to show Zuleya that there are people who care about her. Ari concluded, “If you would like to consider sponsoring him until he can get up or have others please contact me!“It’s great to see that fans are already starting to support Ari and Zuleya. The fundraiser aims to raise $ 1500, and 90 Day Fiancé the fans have already given $ 1565. That’s unbelievable!

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Origin: GoFundMe, Ariela Weinberg

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