Arthur Russell 7 “Cover Series announced

Most experiments No Feeling of Hope announces a new 7 “series with artists covering their favorites Arthur Russell songs. The series, titled Little Wonder, with recordings by Peter Broderick, Stereolab’s Lætitia Sadier, Russell’s partner Peter Zummo, Mabe Fratti, and others.

The first 7 “ be part of “Peter Zummo’s”Tone Bone Kone”And Peter Broderick’s version that“All-Boy All-Girl. ”Both tracks have accompanying performances from Mabe Fratti, Sebastian Rojas, and Joe Carvell (aka Pink Shabab). The record is available digital now and will come in 7 “later via Unheard of Hope. Listen to the tracks below.

“‘ All-Boy All-Girl ’was one of my favorite Arthur Russell followers over the years,” Broderick said in a press release. “I never thought to cover it before because, like most material on World of Echo album, it’s hard to pin down what the song itself is. What is the song, what is the performance, and what is the performance? It’s all without confusion, and I like that part of it. When asked to cover an Arthur track for this project, I thought I would finally try this song. And with the help of Mabe Fratti and her friend Sebastian Rojas, hopefully we’ve created a worthwhile tribute to this song that has made me cry so many times. ”

Zummo added:

One day while we were working in the rehearsal studio, Arthur discussed his idea for a song called Tone Bone Kone. We talked about it but I never heard any music. I was thinking about what role the trombone could play. Afterwards, I was shocked and delighted to hear his solo version of the World of Echo album. For a few years I tried it with colleagues here in New York, looking for a way to get Arthur’s cello / delay vamp group. Before the pandemic hit in March, 2020, I had concerts in the UK with Peter Broderick, Joe Carvell, Mabe Fratti and Sebastian Rojas. We played Tone Bone Kone as our encore. This recording produces the live energy that the group captures at the end of the concerts.

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