At the Gates Unveil “Specter of Extinction” feat. King Diamond Andy La Rocque

After announcing their seventh studio album, The Nightmare Towards Birth, a month ago, pioneered Swedish melodic death metal At the Gates released “Specter of Extinction” as the first single solo on the LP. The song preceded the release of the 2nd album, and boasted a guest appearance Diamond Day guitarist Andy La Rocque.

“Specter of Extinction” begins an intremely cinematic instrumental before the weight begins at the 90-second mark. All told, it was almost two minutes before singer Tomas Lindberg Redant arrived with the first growl on the track, featuring a stunning solo guitar by La Rocque.

“It’s always been very difficult to choose which song will be released to the public first, especially on this album with so many layers and textures,” Lindberg Redant said in a press release. However, we feel that this, the introductory track on the record, represents the overall feel of the album. It has the depth of music you’d expect from an At the Gates track, and it still brings that energy and urgency that we’ve always tried to cross over to our music. “

A fellow music video was directed by longtime collaborator Patric Ullaeus, with Lindberg Redant saying, go until the inner dimensions of the song are described. ”

He added, “I think he did that well on this one and I’m proud of the result. The lyrics talk about the human will and how that conflicts with our consciousness, and we know about our death. Fun! ”

The Nightmare Towards Birth following the years 2018 Drinking From The Night Oneself, marking the band’s third album since reunion following a run of four influential albums in the early 90’s In addition to melodic death metal stories, Sa Gates is also credited with being a major inspiration of metalcore bands to follow in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Gates’ pre-order The Nightmare Towards Birth by Century Media online store or Amazon, and watch the video for “Specter of Extinction” below.

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