Aubrey Plaza and Amy Poehler Have a Parks and Rec Reunion

Leslie Knope and April Ludgate are back together!

While hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live for the first time, The White LotusAubrey Plaza made fans very happy with a surprise reunion with him Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehlera former SNL cast member

On the January 21 episode, the actresses played their former sitcom roles in a sketch during the Weekend Update. “Everybody needs to get involved where they live,” Ludgate of the Plaza, who appeared to be talking about working for local government, told the co-anchor Colin Jost. “When you’re young, you should get a job as a garbage man or something.”

Sarcastic as ever, Plaza-as-Ludgate also suggested that someone could “drive a bus,” adding, “You don’t have to be on time. Nobody cares.”

He continued, “Work for the water department. You can drain the reservoir and find all the bodies and signs of murder, or be a dog catcher, and just say you didn’t find anything. Because when working you in local government, Doing the least is doing your part.”

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