Austin Gunn & Redmond Parker Spill on the pretty famous E!

Redmond, the son of Grammy-Award-winning musician and actor Ray Parker Jr., did not find himself in any over-the-top situations, but as he told E! News, he is still scarred from a memorable day of work on the ranch.

“My worst job was Austin’s worst job,” he explained. “I say that because what I’m forced to look at, what I’m going through, what I’m going through, gives me dreams. I’ve never seen it since.”

Maybe he won’t exaggerate either, as the Quite Famous: Ranch Rules cast should do everything from shearing sheep into artificial breeding for animals.

As Austin recalls, “I can’t explain what that means but if you’re a big fan of cows, I’ll just focus because maybe you’ll change the way you look at them.”

“I love working on the ranch and I love interacting with the horses and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, but there are a lot of ranch jobs that ranchers do for us that even myself is a bit difficult,” he added. niya. “Very dirty work. They didn’t scoff when they said we were signing up for something we weren’t used to.”

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