Avatar: The Last Airbender – The 10 Saddest Quotes

Avatar: The Last Airbender filled with unbelievable sad moments that caused the audience to cry. From the death of Katara’s mother to the collapse of Azula, there are many scenes that can break a viewer’s heart.

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However, it is always a singular quote in a scene that causes the collapse of the moment. A: TLA full of funny, heartfelt, and inspiring quotes that have become iconic, and it makes no difference for their sad quotes as well. In fact, there are a few lines that are famous, or bad, so far.

Azula (The Beach)

“My Own Mother Thought I Was a Monster.”

Since Azula is a throaty villain, it’s easy to forget that she’s also a kid with her own feelings. While during his childhood he was Ozai’s favorite, his mother Ursa clearly favored Zuko. This favoritism has an effect on Azula, as she is made to feel like a monster, despite the fact that she is just a child raised in a violent household.


While Azula admits that she is a monster, and her actions have always supported these words, it is clear that her mother’s opinion of her still hurts Azula to this day. When he admitted it to his friends, it was one of his weakest moments, and very sad to look at.

Katara (The Southern Raiders)

“Then You Don’t Love Him Like I Do!”

Katara was upset under the ATLA rain

The loss of his mother Kya at such a young age is probable the saddest thing about Katara, as it bothered him throughout the series. When she learns that Zuko can take her to her mother’s killer, Katara is desperate to pay this man. When Sokka tried to tell her from it, saying that Kya was also her mother, Katara shouted this line.

Katara was apparently in an emotional state and never really explained what she was saying, but it was even more painful for Sokka to hear. The weather was shocking, and it showed how badly these children were affected by the ravages of war.

Zuko (Sozin’s Comet: Part 2)

“I Am So, So Sorry Uncle. Sorry And I’m Ashamed Of What I Did.”

Zuko cried at the ATLA

Zuko goes through a huge arc of redemption throughout the series, and while he’s a good guy in the end, he’s done a lot of awesome things. One of these terrible choices was to betray his Uncle Iroh, which led to Iroh’s imprisonment. When the two finally meet again after Zuko is redeemed, Zuko is so ashamed of himself that he is afraid to talk to his uncle.

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When Zuko apologizes to her uncle, she cries, and it’s sad to see how ashamed she is of herself. Their relationship is so important in the series, that their togetherness can’t stop the tears from falling in the eyes of the viewers. Fortunately, Iroh immediately forgave Zuko, and they were together again.

Aang (The Southern Air Temple)

“I’m Truly the Last Airbender.”

The lateness of his country is one of the saddest things about Aang, and it is included in this quotation. Aang remains somewhat skeptical about the fate of his culture throughout the episode, so when he sees Monk Gyatso’s skull, he has an emotional breakdown that drives Avatar State. Fortunately, Katara was able to calm him down, but Aang remained angry and said it.

Aang’s realization is very sad to listen to since he is only twelve years old and suddenly the whole world seems to be placed on his shoulder. The loss of the entire culture is almost impossible to imagine, but it is a tragedy that Aang has to face.

Iroh (The Tales Of Ba Sing Se)

“Little Soldier Boy, Come Home.”

Avatar The Last Airbender Iroh Son Lu Ten

Iroh mourned the death of his son is the saddest moment of A: TLA. But the song “Leaves from the Vine” broke the heart, as Iroh sang the song to his late son for his birthday. The song details a brave boy soldier returning home after a war, which is sad, because Iroh’s son never did that.

This line of the song is especially saddening, as it is the beginning of Iroh making his son cry. Seeing such a happy and noble character break down was shocking to look at, and it was almost impossible not to cry with him.

Yue (The Siege of the North: Part 2)

“Goodbye Sokka, I’ll Always Be With You.”

Yue’s death was one of the first sad moments in the series. His sacrifice leads to the return of the spirit of the moon, and the victory of the Northern Water Tribe at the end of the season. But he leaves a mourning Sokka, and he can only shout over and over again, “He’s gone. no more. “

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But before he can fully become the spirit of the moon, he appears again in front of Sokka to say goodbye. He then kissed her and disappeared. While the quote gives Sokka some closure, it doesn’t prevent Yue’s death from being so crushed, that it eventually encapsulates.

Sokka (The Runaway)

“When I Tried to Remember My Mom, Katara’s The Only Face I Can Describe.”

Sokka is sad to watch as a bird stands on his arm in ATLA

The loss of his mother was one of the saddest things about Sokka, but what makes it even sadder is that ever since she disappeared when she was a child, she will always have a hard time remembering him. When she talks to Toph about how proud Katara is, Sokka admits she trusts it.

Ever since their mother died, Katara has always taken care of Sokka, and Sokka can’t help but look at Katara’s face when she tries to remember what her mother looked like. Sokka hadn’t told anyone this before he told Toph. So it was a weak moment for Sokka, and it was very sad to hear.

Zuko (Bitter Work)

“Come on, Strike Me! You’re Gone Before!”

Iroh turns his back on Zuko at ATLA

Zuko’s life is full of sad things, and he would always face his inner turmoil. For example, when Iroh tried to teach him how to redirect the light, Zuko was filled with anger and pain to do this technique.

He climbed to the top of a mountain during a storm, and shouted to heaven to strike him so he could practice. The audience will conclude that Zuko is not very angry in heaven, instead he is angry with all the suffering he has gone through. It’s also one of the last lines of the episode, leaving it on a sad note.

Toph (The Library)

“I’m sorry Appa.”

The split image of Toph and Appa in the desert and Appa captured in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The moment Appa is stolen by the sandbenders is hard to see, but what makes the situation worse is that Toph is there but he can do nothing to save her. He struggled to hold on to the library, and his vision was blocked by the sand under his feet.

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This means he has to choose between letting Appa take over, or letting his friends die. He chose the former, but expressed how sad he was as he was dragged away. This quote is extremely sad because the audience will feel her guilt with every word, and this guilt hangs over her until Appa finally returns.

Toph (Lake Laogai)

“He’s lying.”

Avatar The Last Airbender Jet Death

Toph has the ability to tell when people lie, which we first saw him use on Jet when he reappeared on Ba Sing Se. However, if Jet is injured in a fight against Long Feng, Toph’s skill creates an unfortunate situation.

Jet’s death is sad enough, because Gaang has to go on without him. They don’t want to leave Jet, but Jet reassures them, saying “Don’t worry Katara, I’ll be fine.” He smiled happily at Katara, but as they walked Toph sadly said to Sokka, “He lied.” Jet’s courage in his own death, and Toph’s knowledge of that, makes a truly sad quote.

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