Babble Royale: Best Landing Area/Tile

To survive a round of Babble Royale, players need to be good with words, but it’s also important to start in a useful position.

Babble Royale combines the best features of turn-based word games like Scrabble with real-time aspects of battle royale games where players fall from the sky and land somewhere to collect things and beat other players. The main strategy is to use the letters given by the players to form words and do it right away because the battlefield is always shrinking and enemy players are coming.

Like other battle royales like Two nights, selection and landing spot at the beginning of the game is incredibly important. This helps to ensure survival or immediate defeat. On Steam, there were two landing-related achievements. “Drop Dead” is given to players who die in their starting letter. The opposite of this is “Death From Above,” where players kill another with their first word.


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This happens to players who start out very close to each other Babble Royale. Often, players may want to start away from others to give them time to make things and open up inventory slots. If players start getting close, one will kill the other unless they both agree not to pay attention to each other for now, but there’s no way to say that unless the players are lucky on the tiles and can write the “friend” or similar. That can also be dangerous because players can’t still play with friends.

Choosing A Landing Spot at Babble Royale

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A great place for new players to start Babble Royale is in the upper left, or closer to the center. If the battlefield starts to shrink, players will be pushed toward the center, so that players who start in that area have time to build up, and no longer have to move in bulk. If they start at the high left, it is easier to move wherever the safe zone is. However, players have to be careful because no one is completely safe. There may be others with the same idea of ​​landing nearby.

Players can also land on items to retrieve them. Landing a bomb is probably a preferred option because the bombs can dislodge other adjacent tiles, giving players more need to create new words. At the beginning of a round, players have only one inventory space for items. They can open more slots later as they earn more money by leveling up, but in the beginning, collecting items is not as important.

Starting in the lower right corner can be the most difficult position Babble Royale. Because the words are read from left to right or from top to bottom, players often have to do more work to move to the center of the board. Once again, for experienced players who don’t want to face others, this can be a good place to start. If players aren’t really interested in the PvP aspects of Babble Royale, there is other word games like viral Wordle which is probably more than their speed.

However, not many players dare to start on the right side, so players who fall here don’t have to fight multiple enemies until later in the game. Besides, there are other advantages to starting at the bottom right. It takes a while for the zone to shrink, and even if players are caught outside, it takes time for their health to deteriorate. Their lives can also be extended through health matters. It will be a place to go if players follow the success of Steam “Pacifist”, which players will get if they can survive a game without killing.

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Babble Royale available on PC.

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