Baby Gambino Claimed by Rapper Alleging “This Is America” ​​Copyright Infringement

Donald Glover is being sued for copyright infringement by a Florida rapper, TMZ the reports and Pitchfork will be confirmed through court documents. Rapper Kidd Wes, claims that the Baby Gambino song thatThis is America”Infringed the copyright of his 2016 songMade in America. ”Kidd Wes, whose real name is Emelike Wesley Nwosuocha, filed his case today (May 6) in federal court in New York.

The list of defendants in Kidd Wes’s lawsuit is extensive. In addition to Donald Glover, the defendants are: “This Is America” co-writer Young Thug, Producer of “This Is America” Lüdwig Goransson, Cobalt Music, RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Young Stoner Life Publishing LLC, 300 Entertainment, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Roc Nation, Universal Music Publishing Group, and Warner Chappell Music.

Kidd Wes first uploaded “Made in America” on SoundCloud on September 11, 2016. A document filed with the lawsuit shows that Wes was granted copyright for his album Eleven: The Junior Senior Year on May 24, 2017. “Made in America” is the closing song of eleven, released later in 2017.

In the lawsuit, Kidd Wes and his attorneys argued that “the many similarities of the same songs have, but are not limited to, almost identical unique rhythm, lyrics, and thematic mix and performance. in the chorus – or ‘hook’— sections that are central to both songs. “

Arriving at Pitchfork, Kidd’s attorneys Wes Imran H. Ansari and La’Shawn N. Thomas stated: “The similarities between the two pieces of music are more coincidental, and have a value of violation, as alleged in the lawsuit filed by our client, The Emelike Nwosuocha, professionally known as Kidd Wes. Mr. Nwosuocha was confident in his claims, and simply demanded the award and compensation he deserved for unauthorized use. in his music. “

Kidd Wes and his attorneys seek revenue damages in at least 43 categories, including: record sales, ringtones, ringback tones, endorsements, increases in goodwill, any and all music publishers , record master, and record revenue, and increase negotiation value 360 ​​deal with record companies.

Back in 2018, New York rapper Jase Harley claimed Donald Glover “STOLE”The music for“ This Is America ”is from his March 2016 song“ American Pharaoh. ”Fam Rothstein, a close associate and collaborator of Glover, denied the plagiarism allegations and also tweeted (then deleted) that“ Made in America ”was“ 3 yrs old, ”suggesting that the track started in 2015.

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