Baby Thug Pays Bonds for Many Inmates in New Video: Watch

Young Thug paid bonds for several inmates at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. The rapper, who went to the facility with Gunna, used footage from the visit as the music video for her Slime Speech 2 single “Pay for Good.” See the clip below.

According to statement materials, Young Thug and Gunna (who accompanied Lil Baby and YTB Trench) visited the Fulton County Jail on Sunday, April 25. After working with the district attorney’s office, the lawyer, prosecutor, and bond firm, Young Thug Paid bonds for a group of individual inmates held on minor offenses and unable to afford the cost of release.

“Where are we from,” Thug said in a press release. “We just woke up and went to jail with the lawyer and you know the DA and the prosecutors, you know, the binding companies and got as many people as we could … It was great listen to the point where you start to feel why God put me here. He put me here to do it. “

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