Bachelor Preview: Cassidy Thinks She’s a Frontrunner

CassidyNot here to make friends.

He did that bountifully obviously an E! Exclusive news watch on the January 10 episode at The Bachelor. On a sneak peek, the 26-year-old executive assistant refused to join the group date, which includes setting up for the children’s birthday party. Instead, Cassidy chose to sit on the side and drink lemon water.

“Cassidy and I are supposed to build the doll house,” one contestant complained to Bachelor camera, “but I was stuck building the house alone. I mean, he didn’t give an s-t about the birthday party.”

Nothing bothered of women who are “angry”., Cassidy stated that she was “to date Clayton,” so, not surprisingly when she rode in and pulled Clayton out of the group date.

This move naturally made him even more angry Bachelor peers, with one woman commenting, “Cassidy doesn’t care what anyone thinks; it’s disrespectful.”

Meanwhile, Cassidy informs Clayton that she “likes him a lot” and pulls him in for a big kiss.

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