Bachelorette Katie Thurston Reveals Whose Kiss Will Rewatch Hardest

After Jimmy mentioned the dirty clothes on display, Katie added, “He’s also the leather seller. Red flags everywhere!” When Jimmy pointed out that Jeff was the reason Katie was raised to an RV life, he said, “That’s not my fantasy, no.”

And about the fact that Katie is now inexplicably involved with vibrators, since she was carrying a sex toy at her limo door with Matt, she told Jimmy, “People send me enough vibrators that I may live all my life. ” He added that he has even started giving them to friends as gifts.

In addition to appearing on the talk show, Katie also tweeted her premiere, which included her taking on the fact that Bachelor Twitter seems to be particularly taken Greg Grippo, who mikita her coveted First Impression Rose.

“Twitter was when Greg got the first impression,” Katie said posted during the stage, add a GIF of a stadium full of people cheering.

That is, not only did Connor the Cat get First Impression Rose, but he was also called on TV night. Sounds like a certain competitor might be licking his wound.

For the entire sacrifice of E! During Katie’s time The Bachelorette, click here.

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