Banquet Bench with Flip Up Storage – Custom Sizes and Shapes

DIY corner bench

Here’s How I Built This Bank

2x4 banquette bench

I made frames to fit the space using 2x4s, then raised the frames with legs.

Banquet bench

I covered the frames with 1/4″ thick plywood.

Bench over the banquette

Then I cut it into 1×3 boards and added a 3/4″ thick plywood top.

Watch the Quick Build Video

Can I Make Any Size?

Yes, this bench plan is designed to be a custom fit for your space. Your 2×4 frames will determine the size, and everything else is already measured and cut to fit.

How Much Does it Cost to Build?

For this bench, about 8 feet x 10 feet, 2 feet deep (too big!!!) I used about 10 2x4x8s, 1 sheet of 1/4″ plywood, 1 sheet of 3/4″ plywood, and about 10 1x3x8 boards. I used half a gallon of paint, screws, several nails and inexpensive hinges. The total cost is under $300. Same size benches over $5000!

How long will it take to build?

Three days in total, the first day was to get materials, prepare the space, and then I framed up the benches. On the second day I finished building it. The third day it ended.

Can I Build a Corner for a Dining Nook?

Yes, you will still build the same way, just leave the dead space in the angled areas. This can be a little tricky to trim out – it may require a compound miter saw.

Can I Make a Straight Bank?

Yes, it’s easier. Just build a straight bank. But maybe consider attaching it to the back wall to keep it in place.

Can I Keep My Baseboard Trim?

Yes, in this project, I kept the baseboard, and simply scribed the trim around it. You can remove the baseboard as well.

Free Plans to Build this Banquet Bench

Here are step-by-step plans, designed to transform as a corner bench, corner bench, window seat bench – whatever you need!

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