Bart Tells The Story Of The Future

The Simpsons has generated a lot of crazy fan theories over the years, but the idea that Bart is telling the story comes from a future weird superstition. Debuted in 1989, The Simpsons now aired on FOX for an astonishing 32 seasons, and while some think the latest innovation in many years is the end, the animated institution at this point is set to make the most at least 34 times. That’s clear The Simpsonsthat the record -breaking record may never be filled.

The most famous aspect of The Simpsons Perhaps the line-up of these strange, though often told, characters, with father Homer and son Bart being the constant focus. Some fans may feel like they’re over-sold, but Homer and Bart’s popularity has never faded, so it’s clear why they’re so focused. Expressed by Nancy Cartwright, Bart is a perpetual 10-year-old, but despite his childhood, he still manages to go through enough emotional turmoil and life experiences to match most of any adult.

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The Simpsons there is no protagonist at all, because every member of the family, especially the most supporting characters, will always headline their own stories. If there is any character that is most meaningful to serve as The SimpsonsHow I Met Your Mother– whoever tells, sure Bart, and here’s why.

Why Bart Is The Secret Simpsons Narrator

Bart Simpson

As mentioned above, The Simpsons there is no official leadership character. However, if one is chosen, the contenders are actually Homer and Bart. They have the same amount of classic episodes dedicated to the stories centered on them, and these are often the ones that can always be found in merchandise or can be played in video games. Coming to the official “mascot,” for lack of a better word, to The Simpsons however, Bart wins.

He makes more and more catchphrases, starring in most multimedia turnoffs, and because Homer continues to be more cartoon -free and unrealistic in his level of insanity, Bart actually becomes easier to communicate. Even in his childhood, he would argue that he was as brainy or brainy than his father, and was always ashamed of Homer’s behavior. His graffiti “El Barto” can also be seen plastering the entire Springfield scene, and for bonus points, they even made a gag where he was short. Amazing Year-story in style. Simpsons maker Matt Groening It is said that the entire Simpson family, minus Bart, is named after his own family. If anyone speaks The Simpsons story to remember, it’s Bart.

Every Simpsons Character Is This What Bart Sees

Looking through the lens at what Bart said The Simpsons stories, very meaningful why other family members seem like they are good, or at least the way he shows them. Homer is an abusive, lazy dolt because that’s the main thing his son sees in him. Bart has a lot of affection for his mother, so he sees her through pink colored mirrors as a kind of more willing super-mom. Like many brothers, Bart finds Lisa upset, twice because she has more intelligence and kindness than him. So he sees and presents it as a know-it-all that some people really like.

Maggie was an infant, and so had so little impact on Bart’s life that she was reduced to a voiceless character in the past for most. As a child, Bart often found Grandpa and his endless stories boring, and his presence was not easy. That’s how other characters are always portrayed seeing him as well. Afterwards there are Patty and Selma, who seem oblivious to their sister’s children, so they seem like Bart is scary. It can also be expected of people like Mr. Burns, who Bart might see as a boogeyman, explaining why he is so much worse.

Your Own Image of Bart Does Not Match Who He Is

Then there’s Bart’s own image. What the audience shows may be close to Bart’s memories of real events, only exaggerated for impact. Afterwards, everyone embellished the stories from time to time for the amusement of those who heard them. However, it helps to explain why Bart’s view of himself as a child and the reality of who he is is so far away. Adult Bart remembers these situations accurately, but cannot isolate himself from his nostalgia goggles.

It was repeatedly explained that Bart believed he was a rebel, one of the coolest kids, quick to have comedy, and watched by everyone. However, he wasn’t that far off. His best friend, Milhouse, a social outcast. He was often bullied by real rebels and rioted at his school, like Nelson Muntz. To top it off, he thinks he’s smart, even though he continues to fail academically, there are rare moments of disaster how badly he’s doing. It’s a battle between who Bart wants, and perhaps knows himself to be in childhood, and who he really is.

Bart’s Future Predictions Are Often Agreeable

Even at the end of the day, and what causes it Simpsons theory kind of sad to think about, is the future that Bart knows very well what happened to him in adulthood. However, if he tells stories, he also tells predictive future timeline. Which for Bart, is always bad. Bart grew up a pathetic loser in most scenarios, while Lisa, whom he was jealous of but knew well, did things like being president. The sad implication, if Bart is telling these stories, is that they are at least true. He grew up a failure, no matter how much one exaggerated.

As an addition to that idea, if Bart told these stories of his childhood to anyone who would listen for decades, as he grew older and farther away from the events in question, that would help. to explain why time-frames are shifted, same events are described differently again, and so on. Bart is old, and his memory is not the same as before. That also goes to explain why The SimpsonsThe characters have all become caricatures of themselves over the years, playing on their signature traits, such as Flanders ’religiosity and Moe’s self -hatred. This can be used even more at times where the story takes place before Bart is born, or if he is still a child, because he can expect a second information from his parents. And so this theory is terminated. Goodnight, and keep looking on ski ethereal

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