Battlefield 2042 Free On Xbox This Weekend

Despite its rocky launch, EA’s recently released Battlefield 2042 is one of several free games being offered to Xbox Live users this weekend.

This weekend, Xbox Live users can play Forestry 2042 for free. DICE’s new shooter was released in November and has already seen huge discounts. Forestry 2042 met with a negative reception from fans and critics after a rocky launch filled with bugs and underwhelming content. DICE has already released a number of patches for the game, with many more on the way along with new seasonal content.

It was recently reported that Forestry 5 there are more players than Forestry 2042 at Christmas, even if the first game was released a few years ago and there was also negative reception at the launch. Many have criticized the game for failing to meet the standards of some of the best. Field of battle games like 3 and 4. Even though it was announced as a return to the modern era of the series, it failed to appeal and left many with a desire for more from DICE. However, DICE has not stopped.


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For those who haven’t played the game, Xbox offer Forestry 2042 as one of the “Free Play Days” titles from January 6 – January 9. This is just a trial, so players will not be able to continue the game after this weekend unless they purchase it. The entire game is available at this time, so there are no limits for the free trial. The game is also nearly $ 20 discount on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, so those who enjoy the game can choose it at a discount. Forestry 2042The first season is still months away, so players will have to wait a bit for some new content.

It’s unclear if this is a sign of declining sales for EA’s expected most titles in 2021 or if it’s just a post-holiday push. Call of Duty: Vanguard There will also be a free trial of Multiplayer shortly after its release, leading some to believe the game won’t fly off the shelves. Since hard sell numbers are not usually released outside of investor calls unless a game has a big performance, it is likely to remain unclear how well any of these have performed. titles.

Reportedly Forestry 2042 sold well on initial release, but it is not known how to translate sales into long-term player counts. Since December has very few significant releases, NPD’s December 2021 sales charts should give an idea of ​​how the game is going over the holidays. if Forestry 2042 can’t win back players in future updates to it, which could put the entire series in a terrible place. Although some fans came back around Forestry 5, it’s too little, it’s too late to care. I hope so, Forestry 2042 will not suffer the same fate.

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