Battlefield 6 Reveals the Event Discussed For This Week

Although EA is pointing out the game is in its final extension, Battlefield 6 will finally be unveiled and will be revealed in a May 6 announcement.

After months of rumors and piece of news, a new rumor has claimed EA’s Forestry 6 will finally be made public on Thursday, May 6. The online shooter will likely see the first official trailer and screenshots of the said event, as well as a confirmation of the main features and (with luck) a strong- on release date. The product, which is believed to be in the final arrival of development in many EA studios, may be ready to ship by the end of 2021 as expected.

After flowing through two World Wars Forestry 1 and Forestry V, the series is said to return to the almost previous setting used in Forestry 2, 3, ug 4. Some said features include drones, matches for up to 128 players, weather effects like tornadoes, and even a battle royale mode that can steal some thunder from Call of Duty: Warzone. While early rumors suggest that the game could be used for PS4 and Xbox Usa in addition to the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S, more recent ones have been acquired Forestry 6 skip last-gen consoles, perhaps because they deplete development resources and possibly limit forms. Cyberpunk 2077 poorly shipped with hamstrung PS4 and Xbox One support, making the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X a real minimum limit.

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The May 6 date comes in good faith ModernWarzone on Twitter, usually a source of a Call of Duty news. A tweet included an updated version of the previously seen logo art, with DICE, Criterion, EA Gothenburg, and Industrial Toy also listed as its studios, which now have a shadow soldier in the back. Based on the soldier’s gear, the promo image confirms plans for a close -up setting if it’s real. Except maybe the original Forestry 1942 the futuristic Forestry 2142, modern settings have proven to be the series ’most popular and most reviewed, among Battlefield 3 and the Daotang Company sequentially becoming famous in the minds of many.

The origin of the art and information is unknown. ModernWarzone has provided accurate information in the past, though. Plus, DICE says so Forestry 6 is already in the deep stages of playtesting and polishing, meaning it’s mostly way through progress and content should be ready to be demonstrated. In fact, several screenshots have allegedly been released. An event on May 6 was further supported by Chaos in the Game host Jeff Grubb.

DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson promised Forestry 6 healing like “game change“ug”more players and combat than ever before. “Level breakdown is part of Battlefield game since Daotang Company, but kicked off using the 2013’s Forestry 4 concept in Levolution, immovable events that change the gameplay of a map for the duration of a game. In the Rogue Transmission entry map, for example, a radio telescope can completely collapse if players cut its cables. Forestry 6Tornadoes could be another example of widespread destruction if they are confirmed this week.

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Origins ModernWarzone / Twitter, Jeff Grubb / YouTube

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