Be Time-Conscious

The suggestion, “It’s never too late,” can be good advice if you’re thinking about going back to school or your diet isn’t good. But when it comes to mending broken family relationships, there is not time like now.

Tina and her father are in such a bitter conflict that they haven’t spoken to each other in decades. As the years passed, the girl – now a woman – began to regret the separation and decided to reconcile with her father, who was almost eighty. With Father’s Day approaching, she thought a nice card might be the best way to initiate contact with him. He wrote a heartfelt letter expressing his regret, asking for forgiveness, and telling his dad that he missed him and hoped to see him again. He said he longed to heal old wounds and be a family again. He sealed the card, sent it, and waited.

A few days later, he received a call from a family member, who told him that his father had just died. His card was placed in his mailbox, unopened.

If your family relationship is broken, remember the time. Life is short. Get ready to take the first step toward recovery. Make the most of the time you are given – HISTORY it’s too late.

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