Beautiful Acorn Sheep Fairy Garden Decorations

This precious little acorn sheep fairy garden decoration is perfect for anyone who likes to spend time building a fairy garden, or for anyone who wants to add some magic to their home. This is also a great project for kids! You can make this cute sheep with just a few nuts and some glue. It’s so easy and fun, you won’t believe it. Also, when you are done making your sheep, you can put him in your garden and watch him come to life. He brings joy to all who see him.

acorn sheep in moss outside

Acorn Sheep Fairy Garden Decoration

Fairy gardens are all the rage these days, and why not? They are amazing, delightful, and make everyone believe in magic. But what is a fairy garden without inhabitants? You will not leave empty-handed! That’s where our acorn sheep comes in to play.

This crafty little project is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of glamor to their fairy garden. Using only acorns, hazelnuts, some hot glue, and a little imagination, you can make the cutest sheep imaginable. This project is great for adults and kids, so anyone can enjoy the fun. Plus, it’s a great way to upcycle the acorns you collect on your nature walks.

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If you want to add more simple critters to your fairy garden, you might also like this cute walnut shell mouse or this nice acorn mouse. Some ideas include a pinecone bear yes pinecone owl to add to the mix.

fairy garden sheep in clover

Can I Make It With Other Nuts?

Yes, you can! If you don’t have acorns on hand, or if you want to try something different, feel free to use other nuts like walnuts, pecans, chestnuts, or even peanuts. Pistachios can also be used but make less lamb. The acorn is perfect for the head because the hat looks like the little curly hair of a sheep. Just make sure the nuts you use are big enough so they don’t get lost in the glue.

acorn sheep in hands

Which Glue Is Best For Working With Natural Things Like This?

We recommend using a hot glue gun for this project. Hot glue works best with natural materials like acorns, and it’s also very easy to use. Just be careful not to burn yourself or use a cold glue gun with the same product but safer for working with children.

You can also use glue like E6000 or Gorilla Glue. Super glue can work, but is not safe for children to use and can result in stickier fingers than craft supplies.

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You need a strong glue so something like craft glue or white school glue won’t work. It is not strong enough to hold natural pieces. If you can’t stick it outside a fairy garden, kids can do it with regular school glue. Exposure to the elements or using it frequently during playtime will result in it coming apart when using basic glue.

fake leaves under acorn lamb

What Am I All For?

These little fairy garden sheep are so precious that they can be added to tons of different projects. While it will be perfect in your fairy gardens, it doesn’t have to stay in the garden alone. There are many more ways to use it.

  • Have children add this to their pretend or pretend play time.
  • Place in an autumn or winter centerpiece or decoration.
  • Add a little twine and hang it from a holiday tree.
  • Display as part of a winter holiday village or even a holiday nativity scene set.
  • Use as decoration for a baby shower or a small child’s birthday party.
  • Display a bookshelf of children’s books.
  • Use as a paperweight on your desk.
match stick legs of acorn lamb on the table with fake leaves

How Can I Make My Acorn Sheep Different?

There are many ways to make your acorn lamb unique. Use your imagination or check out some of the suggestions below to get you started on making your acorn lamb truly unique.

  • Look for different shades of acorns and chestnuts to give them a unique color or look.
  • Paint it or use paint brushes to add dots or stripes to the nuts.
  • Add more natural elements like branches for legs, leaves as ears, or similar things.
  • Cover with cotton batting or cotton balls for “bulol”.
  • Draw eyes/mouth instead of using googly eyes.
  • Make a set of sheep in different sizes and display them in a small wooden “pen” made of craft sticks.

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No matter how you choose to make your Acorn Sheep, one thing is for sure – he will surely bring a smile to everyone who sees him. So have fun and get creative!

acorn lamb in moss

Supplies needed

acorns scissors and felt on the white table

How to Make a Fairy Garden Sheep From Nuts

Before you assemble your lamb, start by cutting off any branches or sharp pieces of hazelnut. The acorn cap will be pointy, but I want to remove the rest of the points.

Now, cut a match in half and keep the shocking end, but discard the rest. Now, use this as a template to cut 3 more matches so you have 4 shorter matches with the odd end left.

blue scissors used to cut matches

Now, flip the hazelnut so that the pointed end is facing down and the flat end is facing up. Glue the matchsticks, end down, around the bottom so that there are two “legs” on either side of your hazelnut lamb’s body.

matches stuck to the bottom of the hazelnut

Now, make sure the acorn is glued to the cap and secure.

Then, glue the googly eyes onto the acorn, just below its cap.

finger holding googly eyes on acorn

On a piece of foam paper, cut out two small ovals to make the sheep’s ears.

two small brown felt ears

Now, glue or place these ears on either side of the acorn so that they are on the sides and hanging from the cap.

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Then, glue the acorn on top of the hazelnut to make the sheep’s head and body.

gluing the head to the body of the sheep

If you want to add more decorations, do it now!

clover under mini acorn sheep

More Easy Fairy Garden Decorations

There is nothing more fun than going outside to create a cute little fairy garden. Whether you buy a lot of supplies or want to do it all yourself, the ideas below are sure to inspire. Make sure you bookmark these ideas, print the instructions, or pin them to Pinterest to make them right away!

Yield: 1

acorn sheep in moss outside

Turn some acorns into a perfect sheep fairy garden decoration with just a few things you already have!

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10 minutes

General Time
10 minutes


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Finished Project Gallery

match stick legs of acorn lamb

This is an adorable addition to an existing fairy garden.

acorn head of hazlenut and match stick body for sheep

You can even add it to your holiday village or nativity scene!

white table under acorn sheep

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