Beautiful Fall Floral Pinecone Wreath Decor

Fall doesn’t have to be all about dark dead leaves and trees. However, it is full of many colors and flowers! Maybe not the flowers in the spring, but this pinecone flower wreath shows how beautiful some of the late summer and early fall flowers are. Customize your wreath with your favorite flowers for an amazing addition to your front door!

White grape vine with fake leaves and flowers

Fall Floral Pinecone Wreath

I am a big fan of crowns that feature natural elements. This one has one side that opens with grape -shaped displays, and the other side is covered in beautiful flowers and green elements. There are even a few small toadstools lined with flowers for good measure. It’s just a beautiful way to add some beauty to any space.

While it’s basically a fall wreath, you can update it with various additions and make it work at any time of the year. The biggest thing to change is to leave the pinecones. However, if that mountain view is a favorite, you’ll love it wholeheartedly. rustic fall wreath with natural elements such as pinecones, nuts, and shells.

The flower white wreath with lace on the bottom is placed on the tree

What Is All I Can Use To Decorate This Wreath?

This is a good time to gather all the scraps from your making projects and see what you have on hand. The idea behind this wreath is to create a natural flower look that incorporates pieces of nature. So, I used some pinecones, some roses, some pieces of green, smaller fake flowers, and some branches and berries. There are tons of things you can use, and below are a few you should consider. Just know that nothing is exact, but this is a guide.

  • Artificial flowers, taken from their trunks: roses, chrysanthemums, sunflower pansies, or dahlias are beautiful additions.
  • Add green pieces like baby blossoms, ivy, or even the tops of green flowers.
  • Includes a variety of flowers as well as sizes. For this, I used more roses but put them in small sunflowers and it looks like nothing is empty.
  • Nuts or shells are a great addition to acorn caps, walnuts, pecans, or almonds in shells.
  • Berries or fruits. I used some red berries, but artificial apples also look good on it.
  • Some unique additions like small red and white toadstools are nice, but you can add small frogs, fairies, or similar things.

Orange flowers and pinecones on the white wreath on the door

What Is The Best Wreath Shape For This?

I like to use grape wreaths, like this one rustic fall grapevine wreath with felt flowers. They have that natural look that doesn’t need much more to make them beautiful, but you can try using others.

it festive Christmas wreath looks solid shape but is actually made from hula hoop covered in fabric. You will notice that it has flowers on one side, like this flower wreath. So, while the grapevine will look great on the natural fall theme, there is no need to make a beautiful wreath.

I recommend carving a grapevine wreath, but you can use a wrapped foam wreath, wire wreath, or even a hula hoop wrapped in a seasonal print or ribbon. And if you need more ideas, this is the list farm house crown ideas there are tons of unique options as a basis for a wreath.

Close up of flowers in wreath

Can I add a bow to My Wreath?

Yes! At the bottom of this wreath, just below the flowers, I added a little lace and ribbon. You can add a bow to it or even replace it with a bow. I find that a simple thing is best to add a lot of different flowers and colors to the wreath. A burlap bow, or some solid ribbons hanging under the raffia bow is a perfect idea for adding to this wreath.

Fall wreath held on the side of the woman with black pants

Supplies are needed

White table wreath with ribbon and fake fallen flowers

How to Make a Fall Floral Pinecone Wreath

Separate all your flowers, leaves, and greens from the taller trees so you have the main part (the head of a flower, etc.).

Start by gluing the pinecones in place around 1/2 of the wreath, leaving 3 to 4 inches between each pinecone.

Pinecones attached to one side of a wreath

Next, add the roses next to the pinecones.

Then add white and green puffs or other small greens to fill in the larger gaps.

Hands holding flowers in place of wreath

Add sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and daisies to fill in any gaps around large objects.

Hand placing sunflowers on white wreath by pinecones

Stick the fake leaves on the back of the crown so that they come out just a little on each side behind the flowers.

The leaves gluing by hand on the back of the wreath

Then stick some fake toadstool.

Hand placing a mushroom on the wreath

Add a few branches of green leaves and berries randomly and at the ends.

Place the berries in the wreath by hand

Add an 8 ′ ′ length of a lace ribbon with a few thin strips of brown ribbon in the middle of the bottom of the floral display so it hangs under the wreath.

Hand gluing lace to the bottom of the wreath

Now hand and show your wreath!

Close the flower photo and fall leaf wreath on the white door

Lots of Beautiful Fall Decorations

I really like the fall season and all the rich warm colors everywhere. Part of that is decorating my house with wreaths, decorations, and displays that reflect the weather. Below are some of our favorite craft ideas that are timely and simple for you to make yourself at home. Make sure you bookmark, print, or pin these instructions to get it done right away!

Provision: 1

Floral and fall leaf wreath on glass door with wood trim

Get some scrap craft and decorative items to make this beautiful fall flower pinecone wreath! A beautiful option for all fall!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated cost
$ 10


Use whatever scrap crafting items and greenery you have to make your wreath unique.

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Project Gallery completed

Pinecone and fake leaf wreath on the tree

Change the color of the flowers and ribbon for different holiday themes that follow the same basic pattern.

Dropped colored crown on white and glass door

It is best with a bamboo or grapevine wreath.

Woman wearing black trousers holding flower wraeth

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