Beautiful Foam Paper Penguin House Christmas Ornament

Do you think of penguins when you think of Christmas? I know I always do because they remind me of the cold and snow. So, making this beautiful penguin house as a Christmas craft for kids makes sense this holiday season. It’s so easy to make and perfect for kids to help create and also add to their personal touch!

christmas tree with red foam ornament shaped house

Penguin House Christmas Kids Craft

This penguin house is the ideal craft for kids to make during the winter. While it’s a great Christmas decoration, it can also be a fun little craft in the winter. They can decorate it at home or give it as gifts.

Kids can easily follow these simple directions to decorate them like this or they can even be more creative with their own little touches. Best of all, this craft is easy to put together so it’s perfect if you have a short time or have an all afternoon. After they do it, you can get them to work to make it beautiful home made pom pom penguin also!

red foam penguin houses white shiplap next to greens and berries

What Can I Use For A Home Base?

The base of this penguin house can be almost anything. I use foam paper because it is already in my craft tools and is strong enough not to form.

You can use empty boxes or make the box with cardboard as a frame at home. This is one of the easiest to use because cardboard is something most people already have at home. You can also use other materials you already have, like foam, like I made or plastic. Anything that can form a base can be used.

red and gold decorations on the white table next to the red foam penguin house

What Ways Can I Customize This Penguin House?

There are many ways you can customize this penguin house. Below are some of my favorite ways to turn this project into something unique that reflects your style and personality.

  • Change the colors used to make it look different. Red is great for the holidays but it can be white like an igloo, brown like a log cabin, or green, silver, and blue are also good colors with a holiday theme.
  • Add different background images instead of snowflakes. The table spread comes in many forms for the holidays, so you can add household items like a small table and chairs.
  • Print a small picture of the penguins and place it on a craft stick “frame” to hang at home like a family photo.
  • Add a small Christmas tree or some gifts.

Of course, you can change the appearance of the penguin. Maybe his hat or the scarf was different. The fun thing is to add your own talent at home. Let the kids go wild and see what they can do.

Woman holding red house decoration in front of christmas tree

Is it a Decoration or an Ornament?

The best thing about the penguin house is that it can easily be used as a decoration or decoration. Hang the tree house for a fun decoration that you can use every year. I would like to add the year it was made in an invisible place, like the bottom of the house or in the back. This way, you will always remember when the kids did it.

You can also hang it as a decoration around the house. Hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf. Nice look hanging from the ceiling of the house. As you can see in some of the images, it can also be tied to a basket and hang things inside.

Note: If you hang it as a wall decoration, you can use the string on top and put it on a hanger, such as a thumbtack or hook. You can also use strong tape or adhesive on the back if you want no holes.

white table basket full of fake snow and a foam house decoration hanging under the green bow

What Glue Should I Use on Kids?

Every time I make crafts with kids, I always want to think about what kind of glue I’m using. Some glues are not child -friendly, such as hot glue or super glue, as well as others with a very strong smell of smoke. I like to use white school glue or basic crafting glue every time I craft with the kids. These stickers quickly come off clothes and are removed from the skin. You can also use something like tacky glue that is marked non -toxic and safe for children.

red foam house with penguin on the side against the wooden wall

Supplies are needed

craft supplies such as paper scissors and white table ruler

How to make a Penguin House Christmas Kids Craft

Measure and cut the shape of the house with a high side, flat bottom, and angled roof.

woman using blue scissors to cut the red house from the foam

Cut 1 inch wide strips of foam paper the same length on the bottom, sides, and two sides of the roof.

Place the edges around the edge to create a framed look.

red foam 3D house on white table

Glue a strip of cotton batting or cotton balls to the bottom inside the space of the frame.

hands adding cotton batting inside the red foam house

Add a little penguin and a little candy cane inside on top of the “snow”.

hands holding a mini penguin and candy cane in the red foam house

Stick the snowflakes on the “wall” of the frame.

hand sticking snowflakes on penguin house

Tie a length of rope and attach it to the top back of the frame for hanging.

hand gluing twine hook on top of red foam house

Cut and tie a piece of lace ribbon to a bow, then place it on a small green bow, and tie a piece of rope around the two to hang.

Stick this bow on the top eave of the house.

finger holding the green arrow on top of the red foam penguin house

Place the little Rudolph face or star in the middle of the bow.

hand holding the penguin's house with the reindeer's face on the bow

Now you can display it on your tree or as part of your holiday decorations!

red foam penguin house decoration hanging on christmas tree

More Kids Christmas Craft Ideas

Add more fun to your holiday season by making your kids do something new every day! Below are some of my favorite holiday crafts that can be given to friends and family or used as part of your decor. Print tutorials, bookmark them for later or pin them to your favorite holiday Pinterest board.

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Beautiful Foam Penguin House Kids Christmas Craft

Make pieces of scrap foam and some fake snow a beautiful little penguin house decoration for your holiday tree!

Active Time
25 minutes

Total Time
25 minutes


Estimated Cost
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You can also use cardboard or cardstock to replace the foam paper.

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Completed Project Gallery

red penguin home decoration held by woman wearing jeans

Decorate the interior of the house in any style you like.

wooden background behind red foam house ornament

You can even add Santa Claus and the reindeer!

mini red home decoration set on white board

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