Beautiful Upcycled Tin Can Bird Feeder

The tin can bird feeder is perfect for bird lovers around the world. This feeder is made from a recycled can and can be hung anywhere in your yard or garden. This is the perfect way to make a bird feeder lack personality. Birds love perching spots on the top and front, and you’ll love the beautiful addition to your garden. Not only will this feeder look great in your yard, but the birds will love it too!

tin bird feeder in blue and red hanging on a tree branch

Tin Can Bird Feeder

If you’re looking for a way to reuse things you already have, this is the perfect craft for this weekend. It’s simple, inexpensive, and fun enough to get the kids involved. Remove the empty cans, some paint, a few pieces of ribbon, an old wooden spoon, and glue. Then, make your bird feeder out of a can that will be the perfect addition to your lawn that is great for carrying birds and even squirrels!

Not only is this feeder practical, but it’s also very nice! You can choose a different way to make it each time to suit your personality and style. Hang it on your pole and watch the birds flock to it for food. This is the perfect way to enjoy nature while helping the planet.

If kids also want to make a bird feeder, you can let them work on it craft stick bird feeder in exchange for a slightly easier project. Of course, here’s another great list to DIY bird feeder ideas to explore.

red wooden spoon perch on bird feeder on table

What Should I Use For Bird Perch?

There are many things you can use for bird perch in this canned bird feeder. I use a wooden spoon, but you can do whatever you have. You can use a dowel rod or even a ruler. You can also use a stick or a branch from your yard.

The main things to consider are whether you can paint it easily and whether it is strong enough to hold the weight of a bird, but it doesn’t pull too heavily on the can. I like small wooden or plastic spoons for this, but you can look around your house and find something to use to upcycle just for this project.

canned bird feeder with wooden spoon on stump

What Are Other Ways I Can Decorate This Bird Feeder?

There are endless ways you can decorate this bird feeder. You can paint any color you want or even decoupage it using beautiful paper. You can also add beads, sequins, or other embellishments to make it unique. Try some glitter and other shiny things like rhinestones to get the bird’s attention. Be creative and enjoy it!

Whatever you add to the outside of the can, make sure it is suitable for the weather conditions, but also, safe for animals. It’s nice to stick things together, but if it does little to cause the danger of birds biting, you can avoid it. I like to stick simple things like paint, ribbon, and washi tape with seeds inside to attract birds.

Woman in black jeans holding a can of bird feeder

How Do I Secure a Bird Feeder?

You can insure the bird feeder in a variety of ways. It can be as simple as tying it to the balcony railing or even hanging it on the guard’s hook. If you feel comfortable, you can drill a hole in the side of the wooden pole and screw the feeder into it.

Other options include adding a screw to the back of the can and using string to hang it on the tree. You just want to make sure that the method you choose keeps the can strong and secure so that it doesn’t shake and allow the bird seed to fall to the ground.

bird feeder made of painted tin on the edge of the balcony

Supplies are needed

can of blue spray paint red ribbon paint and wooden spoon on white table

How to Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder

Remove any labels and glue from the can, wash them, and allow to dry. Now, spray the can with blue paint, or paint the entire exterior with blue acrylic paint. Leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour to dry completely.

woman in black and white spraying tin blue

As the paint dries, paint the wooden spoon then set it to dry.

hand painting wooden spoon red

When both are completely dry, you add a slice of hot glue to the side of the can. This is to hold the spoon in place and is at the bottom of the feeder. Push the spoon into the glue and hold it until it is in place. You can add more glue if needed at this point.

hand holding a red painted spoon on top of the blue can

Now, use the checked ribbon and wrap it around both ends of the can so that it overlaps the spoon to “hold” it in place.

hand holding a ribbon on the edge of the blue can

Cut a long red ribbon and wrap it in the middle of the can then tie a bow at the top.

hand tied red polka dot bow around center of bird feeder can

Deciding where to show your bird feeder, fill it with seed.

hand placing the bird seed inside the bird feeder can

Set up the feeder, then sit back and watch the birds eat!

can of bird feeder leaning against porch railing

More Tin Can Making Ideas

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blue and red can of bird feeder hanging on the tree

This upcycled tin can bird feeder is a great addition to your garden! Make it a few minutes to hang on a tree!

Active Time
15 minutes

More Time
30 minutes

Total Time
45 minutes


Estimated Cost
$ 1


Make different sizes then hang on a tree with different seeds in each can to attract different birds.

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Completed Project Gallery

red and blue can bird feeder on white table

You can use any color of paint and ribbon, and even use a plastic spoon instead of wood if you like!

canned bird feeder hanging on trunk

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