Beauty Center Mirror with Storage

Made by Hand Holiday 2021

It’s time to give! I partnered with Jaime Costiglio which will bring you a new free gift plan, every Friday for 12 weeks leading up to Christmas! Over the years, we’ve provided hundreds of plans, many of which you can do with scrap wood. See the entire Handbuilt Holiday Collection is here.

Full Length Mirror with Storage

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a teenage girl? A beauty center might be right, and we made this mirror with storage thinking of our own daughters preparing for the morning. Here’s why we love it.

  • Uses an expensive full length mirror, so no need for separate hair/makeup mirror and outfit mirror
  • Raise the full length mirror off the floor (so you can vacuum the bottom of it)
  • Compact, so can work in small bedrooms or even bathrooms
  • Available invisible storage – all the tools and beauty essentials where you need them, but invisible
  • A quick DIY project that doesn’t cost a ton but is usable and appreciated.

DIY wall mirror with storage Hair styling accessories storage ideas

More Photos, Tips and Tricks

This project was founded by Jaime Costiglio. He still has lots of photos and building tips in his construction post. Please take a second to jump in and check that out:


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