Beauty Hacks From Dancing With The Stars Cast Worth 10

Once you move across the face, Emma remembers a tip she received Dancing With The Stars alum Gabby Windey “spraying your makeup lightly—from a safe distance—with hairspray is actually a great hack for setting your makeup when you don’t have a spray gun handy . I actually tried it one night for the tour and it works perfectly!”

And if you find yourself on a big stage, wanting to capture the attention of fans from the front row to the last seat in the house, Emma has some tips.

“When I’m on stage, I want to do my makeup a lot more than if it’s an everyday look,” she said. “Because of that, I like to use really pigmented and shimmery eyeshadows and dark liners that can be seen from a distance and in stage lighting. I start my makeup with my eyes first and the foundation second, so that any shadow that fall on my cheeks. I can wipe it off with a cotton pad and micellar water.”

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