Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, Angus Sampson at Lincoln Lawyer

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to The Lincoln Attorney stars Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, and Angus Sampson about their characters and the show. All 10 episodes of the Netflix adaptation series of Michael Connelly’s best -selling crime novel are now available for streaming.

“If his former law partner is killed, Mickey Haller is left to take over the company, including a high-profile murder attempt,” the synopsis said. “With the biggest case he’s faced from the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car, Mickey knows there could be a lot more at risk than he thought.”

Tyler Treese: Becki, there’s a fun dynamic, where Lorna works with her ex -husband but you don’t contradict each other. You still take care of each other. What do you enjoy most about the dynamic?

Becki Newton: I think it’s not normal. Most of the time I think about TV, we see if we see exes, always quarrel and have bitterness. I like the idea that they have a past, they are involved in a romantic way, very obviously close. That didn’t work out, but the love they had and the support for each other remained. This adds some complications. For example, if he and Cisco are involved. I’ll say something Lorna fears, if anything, that Mickey will be disappointed in any way or do something that will make her feel unsupported. So I think it creates an incredible amount of complexity, but not to create a conflict that we see in front of the TV, and dare to go into a new territory: a modern relationship after people are no longer married.

Jazz, I love your character on the show and I love how this series handles the subject of addiction. You have great talks about it. What preparations are made to play a recovering Izzy addict and make sure it is handled with care

Jazz Raycole: A lot, actually. I talked to some addicts in my research about it and I watched a lot Intervention. I really want to do that justice, because it’s a sensitive thing, and a lot of people are hit by it. Not just the addicts themselves but the family around them. That’s why I really want to do it justice. So preparing for it is interesting. It’s sad, and it’s really, really, really educational for me. I really like the fact that that’s the meeting point of Mickey and Izzy, the fact that they connect their journey with addiction. So it’s really, really cool. Ted and David are very good for that.

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Angus, I love that Cisco is throwing this tough biker guy archetype completely in its head. You’re a very unique investigator, but what really prevents this role and is so much fun to play?

Angus Sampson: I’m curious what he didn’t say, because no one explained to me why he worked with Mickey, to the level that he could set aside his own ego to work with the man married to his love of his life. I felt like he had a secret or a story. There must be something there that … not that he owes Mickey, but he probably does. He may have gotten her out of some bad or compelling situations.

But I think that was the first thing that attracted me. I can’t, as a red blooded man, certainly an Australian red blooded man, I can’t reconcile that Cisco won’t say to Lorna, “Come on, we have to work somewhere else across America … We work for your ex -husband, why? ” And so, that’s kind of the jumping point for me.

Becki, I love the core mystery of this show and I love that it’s on Netflix because it’s the definition of bingeable TV. How exciting is it to have this platform and know that people will watch it all season one day?

Newton: I haven’t worked at Netflix before, so I’m from the world of network TV. Very different. I’m so excited to think people love it enough to indulge in it for a while. I can’t wait. I feel, very lucky to be in the world of Netflix.

Jazz, the pre-production of this show was pretty full of drama, and it was eventually saved on Netflix. It took a long time to accomplish, but how exciting was it to finally get this role after all the construction?

At first, we were going to film when I got there. We should have gone into production. And then there’s it’s like a year’s wait. And part of that is in limbo. And at that point, I really achieved … I was praying to God that I still had a job, but I really had to do a lot of research, about Izzy and kind of improve her and find out, what she could do . offered Mickey? And who is he? And how does this character grow and what is his arch? So excited. Netflix is ​​weird, but actually being able to film and go to work, not only will David E. Kelly and Ted be part of it but being able to work with an amazing cast and crews are absolutely unbelievable after a long period of time.

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