Being Completely Transparent with Your Spouse

What does intimacy look like in a thriving marriage?

Express the word “intimacy” as “To me, look,” and the answer becomes clearer.

Healthy couples learn to “see into” each other’s hearts. They discover their partner’s likes and dislikes, put their partner’s needs first, and see life from a perspective different from their own.

Intimacy is not an empty emotion that comes and goes but a commitment, a beautiful action in which we give ourselves freely, even sacrificially (1 Cor. 16:14).

To create marital intimacy at the level that it carries your relationship through difficult times:

  1. Always be honest with each other. Secrets and lies are the enemies of intimacy.
  2. Avoid making assumptions about how your partner feels. Assumptions limit your ability to listen and understand each other.
  3. Don’t let your partner face a struggle without your full partnership, encouragement, and support.

The key to a successful marriage is “To me, see you.”

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