Bekah M. in Bachelor of the End tells the True Story of What He Lost

But the saga doesn’t end there. Bekah and his parents immediately contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to get him off the list of missing people but only left voicemails. This means he was never taken off the list, and so on North Coast Journal article published in February 2018-as The Bachelor filming – reporting him still missing.

“someone knew me from Bachelor and the story BLEW UP,” Bekah continued. “like seriously … blowing. It’s international. but it all happened. some people think I lied to my mom that I told her I was on a weed plant when I was actually in bachelor ?? ”

This caused a ton of media coverage for him, including a place of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “but the real story is so long and confusing that I just told all the media outlets that I had to go to my friend’s weed farm to‘ get away and relax ’after getting the film single and I had no service and so my mother thought I was lost [neutral-face emoji], “he admitted.” so a lot of people think I’m a hole for that lol. ”

Fortunately, everyone was able to exercise. “I’m sorry my parents endured the horrible 24 hours,” Bekah concluded, now a mother of two. “and I’m definitely not talking to the girl anymore.”

Showing hands, who knows when he started telling this story that the bear run-in was the least exciting aspect?

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