Belinda Carlisle on Her New EP, Kismet, and More: Podcast

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Belinda Carlisle calls in to talk to Kyle Meredith about her new EP, The kismetwhich came about after teaming up with his ’80s collaborator and songwriting legend, Diane Warren.

The Go-Go‘s co-founder talks about what it means to make his first English-speaking album in more than 20 years, the thread between his solo music and The Go-Go’s, and his classic sound found on new job. Carlisle also told us about wanting to sing live with Dolly Parton, Cindi Lauper, and Debbie Gibson.

Elsewhere, he recalls his 1993 album Granted (which is celebrating its 30th anniversary) and dismissed any idea of ​​another album from his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group.

“I think there’s something to be said for stopping at the top and not going on too long,” he explained. “We cemented the band’s legacy in the Rock Hall, and where do you come from?”

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