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Jennifer Lopez and her bridegroom Ben Affleck runs an exciting event on Saturday, July 2, 2022! The couple was seen walking outside a luxury Rolls Royce dealership while holding hands and looking at each other.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck July 2022
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in July 2022 (BACKGRID)

In the candid photos, Miss Lopez looked chic while wearing trendy ultra flared light wash jeans, a simple white long sleeve shirt, and matching casual shoes. She also took off her caramel-colored locks on a pretty low ponytail, and wore sophisticated tan sunglasses. She accessed the look with large dangly silver hoop earrings and a large luxurious handbag from iconic high end designer Christian Dior.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck July 2022
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in July 2022 (BACKGRID)

Meanwhile, Ben joined her smiling while wearing a minimalist gray t-shirt, a neutral beige button up, classic black jeans, and chunky white sneakers. Along with the two was Ben’s youngest son Samuel10, which the actor shared with his ex -wife Jennifer Garner.

the blended family showed to be content with each other on Saturday. This outing comes after a EXCLUSIVE SOURCE GIVEN HollywoodLife personal details about their relationship with J-Lo who will soon become a daughter-in-law. “Jennifer Lopez loved by all of Ben’s children, but he is sure to have a special relationship with Samuel because Samuel is the youngest of all five children and the youngest child in the group so to speak, ”according to the insider.

Coming to whether or not Bennifer wants the biological children to be themselves, is different EXCLUSIVE SOURCE close the idea in an interview with HollywoodLife. “They don’t want any new kids – they’re both no longer part of their lives,” the source commented. “Ben and J.Lo came back to life with each other with many children, and they are very blessed because they are all good kids. They are focused on raising them to be good adults now and a party of five is enough for them ”they continue.

Hollywood powerhouse couple that was Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck originally dated in 2002, but dropped things two years later. The two married other superstars, but the two later divorced. The companion Lilies The stars rekindled their relationship in 2021, and then engaged in 2022!

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