Ben Higgins Piano Reveals The Rule To Have For His Bachelor Party

it Bachelor just had his bachelor party.

During the May 11 period of Ben and Ashley I’m Almost Famous podcast, Ben Higgins visited on his trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with his barkadas.

The season 20 star, who married to Jessica Clarke in March 2020, he and his pals are said to have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine before the break and tested before and after the break. “It’s really nice that it works because everyone who can go can get vaccinated ahead of time,” he said. “We got two different houses. We went on a cruise. We played one day. One day we were hanging out by the pool. It was really a special time for me.”

One of Ben’s favorite memories is the cruise boat. “We were at sea, we were swimming and it was all on the beach-people ranging from, like, 25 to 45, I think,” the 32-year-old reality TV star recalled. “And everyone, like, climbing rocks and, like, making sandcastles and like, like, running to satisfy everyone in the water. I don’t know, it’s really nice to see these mine friend has done that all my life doing that as husbands, and fathers and adults. “

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