BERWYN Announces TAPE 2 / FOMALHAUT, Video Shared for New Song: Watch

Trinidad, London-born rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer BERWYN announces his second full length, TAPE 2 / FOMALHAUT, with a video for his new solo “RUBBER BANDS.” Following up on his debut DEMOTAPE / VEGA scheduled for June 18 by Columbia. Check out Taz Tron Delix–Direct video for “RUBBER BANDS” below.

“Rubber Bands” follows the single “100,000,000“Ug”I’M MORE DEAD TO DIE THAN I COULD DEPORT, ”Released earlier this year. In the new project, BERWYN says it’s a ‘multi-corner interior’, and ‘RUBBER BANDS’ is the first to be explored in a corner. “

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