Best Gifts for Teachers in 2020: Your Holiday Gift Guide

Best Gifts for Teachers!

As the Holiday season approaches, it’s time to make lists and check them twice as to who should be buying gifts for this year. Someone you know that you will never forget is your child’s teacher.

From remote learning to self-contained classes, your child’s teacher has faced many things in the past year and the Holiday season is the perfect time to get paid for them! Sure, you can always buy a gift card, but there are many options. If for Christmore, Hanukkah, or just to show appreciation, these are the best gifts for teachers this year!

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Image from LoganandCoCandles on Etsy

Teacher’s Last Nerve, Soy Candle

$ 4.49

Available for personalization, the “End of Teacher” candle will make your teacher laugh every time they light it. These candles are made with soybeans, which are a naturally renewable source, and also biodegradable, making them perfect for the teacher, or parent, who is environmentally conscious!

Image from RusticMomsB Boutique on Etsy

A Light Teacher Ornament

$ 7.45

This decoration is the perfect gift to show how much you really appreciate your teachers, without spending a lot of money. Coming in a variety of colors, the ornament also has a poem printed on a heavy stock of card.

Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book

$ 7.99

Whether a preschool teacher or a high school coach, every teacher needs an outlet to relax and relieve stress. What better way to lead than a coloring book? The #TeacherLife Coloring Book for Grown Ups hilariously explains the struggles of teaching while also emphasizing the love behind teaching.

Bible Notes: 20 Different Notecards & Enveles

$ 11.00

Perfect for literature lovers and teachers, this illustrated notecard set allows you to share a love of literature with 20 different book stacks. The public literature gift also comes in the styles of ‘Food Gazing,’ ‘I Prefer to Read,’ ‘Le Chat Noir,’ ‘Literary Illustrations,’ and ‘Typewriter,’ to suit any teacher’s interest!

Image from JazzhandsSupply on Etsy

Custom Stamped Teacher Appreciation Keychain

$ 11.49

This personalized keychain features an apple and ruler, stamped with your teacher’s name, and comes with a lucky 2021 cent. While small and simple, this keychain is the cutest accessory for any teacher!

Image from EbbyEarrings on Etsy

Custom Book Arials

$ 15.00

Handmade to achieve unique realism, these mini book cover charms are great for the English teacher, elementary school teacher, or any book-loving teacher. In addition to the replica, the earrings come with a mini library card, with the author’s name, title, and year of publication. Customers can personalize these earrings in any book, meaning you can customize your teachers ’favorite reading.

Image from UnCommon Goods

100 Scratch Off Poster Movies

$ 15.00

If your child’s teacher is in the deep world of movie magic, this poster could be their final bucket list! From The Godfather on Bato, This scratch poster is a challenge even to the larger movie viewer and will give your child’s teacher something to do on the days they are away from your child!

Image from Uncommon Goods

Mystery of Killing Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 19.00

For the teacher who loves mysteries, this jigsaw puzzle puts you in crime as you try and solve the whodunit. This unique puzzle guides you through the account until you complete the jigsaw. With two puzzles to complete, this is the perfect gift for your teacher to complete either at school or at home!

Image from Retailer

Extra-Large Geo Cotton Fabric Canvas Tote Bag

$ 16.99

This customized tote bag is unique, chic, and useful for everything you need to travel and school. Coming in three different styles and colors, your child’s teacher is the most trendy teacher in school with this tote!

Image from StitchedANDLaseredCo on Etsy

Personal Teacher Tumbler

$ 22.00

Teachers will enjoy this 16oz stainless steel tumbler decaled with their name and “teacher life” combo! Copper vacuum insulation cools drinks 24 hours and heats up 12 hours, meaning whether it’s summer or fall, the instructor can keep their drinks at perfect temperature throughout the day.

Image from FantasticBotanics on Etsy

Medium Gold Dino Succulent planters

$ 20.00

For science teachers or just Dinosaur and enthusiasts alike, this beauty plant is the perfect table decoration for your child’s teacher! Dinosaurs come in Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, and Brontosaurus, and succulent ones can be coincidental.

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