Best Holiday Gift: The Gift of Kind words

Editor’s Note: The post is now from the archives. In a time of agility and haste, working mom Kate shares how a few words of kindness are truly the best holiday gift:

A few days ago I had a really bad day. One of those days I hear almost every mother describe having at one point or another. The kind of day where it doesn’t seem like it’s really going to be right and according to plan and that will leave you like a failure.

That same day, I got home a message from one of my aunts. We saw her over the weekend and she called to tell me how great it was to see our family and what a good mother she thought I was Liam. It was a simple thing, but that day was exactly what I needed to hear. My eyes filled with tears and my whole vision of the day changed.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to a close friend who has a lot to go through now-she’s a mother, she works full time, she lives in a full-time home repair (I remember what living in a fix with a child as) and she was in the middle of a difficult second pregnancy. I think he was a superhero for managing everything he did now and told him in my letter. He called me later and we both burst into tears as he told me how hard these past attempts were to balance everything, especially the holidays, and how big it was to get this letter.

This time of year is crazy for everyone, no matter your circumstances. I know no one wants to add anything more to your to-do list but if you get a few moments out, try to think of someone in your life who might use some good ones. word and send them as they please. From my experience, it’s a lot more holiday gift than anything you can buy it for.

At this stage of the Work-Life Equation, real working parents are said to have survived the busy holiday season. From adapting “I want it” to living “You need a dozen cupcakes… when ?!” and forgive yourself for cranberry sauce from the can, moms working at Bright Horizons Kate, Aili, Rachel, and Michelle share their real-life strategies for creating a strong, satisfying holidays for their families…

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