Best Things to Do After Winning a New Pokémon Snap

Even if the last boss of the New Pokémon Snap is defeated and the credits roll over, there are still activities that players will enjoy.

New Pokémon Snap is the expected sequel that fans of the original Nintendo 64 game have been waiting for since the late 90s. This more relaxed spinoff doesn’t involve taking Pokémon in Pokéballs but in photos. With many generations of Pokémon to work with, there are many more different ecosystems.

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Despite a cool photo game, New Pokémon Snap there is a plot for the players to experience. If the plot isn’t spoiled in the end, the player learns more about the history of the Lental Islands and the Illumina event, culminating in a photo release of a legendary Pokémon. However, even after the credits roll, there are still things players need to do. Here’s a look at what experienced photographers can do after the beating New Pokémon Snap.

What the New Pokémon Snap Postgame has to do

Explained New Pokemon Snap 4-Star Photos

Get All 4 Stars for Each Pokémon

  • Each Pokémon in the game displays four different behaviors for players to photograph, with one star being more numerous and four stars are the most shocking. Experimenting with the player’s game mechanics and recording each one will take the player one step further in seeing almost everything in the game.

Get Each Diamond Rank for Each Star

  • There are four different marking ranks that can be photographed: bronze, silver, gold, or diamond. Factors such as Pokémon size, direction, and background elements contribute to scoring. Finding the best shot for each Pokémon habit can be tricky, but for those aspiring to have a perfect Photodex, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Find Each Story

  • The climax of the story may end with an encounter with a legendary Pokémon, but there are many more lurking throughout the Lental Islands. Discovering each and snapping a photo of the four-star behavior will contribute to 100% completion of the game, but taking a photo of the four-star is part of the challenge. Some of the legendaries have cryptic requirements that need to be solved to get the four -star photo, which are fun puzzles for players.

Posting Photos Online

  • Thanks to the internet, a great new addition to the first Snap There is no way to pay for photos online! Not only can players check the photos taken by players on their friend list, but each photo can be edited in different ways. Blurring and filtering effects can enhance the look of the photo, meanwhile well -placed stickers make for a ridiculous gag.

Aim for a High Course Score

  • After the game, Professor Mirror will tell the player about the new Course score system. Up to this point, all the photos were individually captured. However, in this mode, all photos on the exit are picked up and recorded. Players can go online and see what players have scored best in each area of ​​the game. This look is perfect for those who want to become master photography, giving them a system to test their skill against others online and compete for the world record.

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New Pokémon Snap available on Nintendo Switch.

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