Betty Praises All Mothers Who Were Brandon With On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is famously important to Brandon Gibbs ’mother Betty, who made sure to compliment all the mothers in a post featuring the 90 Day Fiancé star.

Mother’s Day is a famously important holiday 90 Day Fiancé The star’s mother Brandon Gibbs, Betty, decided to celebrate the holiday in a sweet Instagram post. The farm boy was charged with 90 Day Fiancé fans too close to his parents and could not leave the nest. However, it appears that Brandon and his wife, Julia, enjoyed the holiday with his parents.

When Mother’s Day arrives at the Gibbs home, the holiday is taken seriously by Betty. Last year, Brandon and his Russian bride, Julia, planned to get married at the end of Mother’s Day. Even if the holiday is only celebrated on a Sunday, Betty is sad to learn that she will be sharing her special weekend with Julia. During that time, Julia and Betty experienced many conflicts. While Julia is upset about following her mother -in -law’s rules while living under their roof, Betty is jealous of Julia spending time with Brandon. Fortunately, everything turned out very well, as Julia appeared to get along better with her in -laws. Betty is also her full “Mother’s Day on the weekend“last year, since Brandon and Julia were forced to get married immediately because of the pandemic disease.

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90 Day Fiancé Mama Betty took to Instagram to pose with her son and wished all mothers a happy Mother’s Day, which led to an outpouring of praise. She shares a series of photos that show her they are Brandon, Julia and her husband Ron. “Congratulations to all the amazing Moms out there !! This is your special day… Good day!, “Betty captioned the photos. Betty received praise from most of her followers, including her daughter-in-law.”Loved tika, “Julia commented on the post. The Russian dancer isn’t the only member of the franchise cast who shared their love. Season 8 cast member Amira Lollysa also wrote a heartfelt comment to Betty.”Happy Mother’s Day my dear Betty! You are the BEST !!!, “Amira commented. You can see Bettythe post below:

Although Betty started out as a 90 Day Fiancé villain, Brandon’s mother appears to have supporters. Tensions are also eased afterwards 90 Day FiancéJulia admits to her in -laws She was not forced to work on their farm and she was willing to take on her husband’s chores to spend more time with him. The change in narrative caused many viewers to view Betty more favorably. “Happy Mother’s Day to you Betty! Love from Florida, “a fan commented.”Happy Mother’s Day !! You guys rock!“another fan wrote.”Happy Mother’s Day Betty, to a Mother as proud and recognizable as me, “another commentator said.

Betty and Julia appear to get along well outside of the franchise, even if Julia still wants to get out on the farm. 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human? Julia and Brandon are now experiencing some issues during season 6 of the spin-off show. While farm boy Brandon agreed to move to a larger town in Virginia, dancer in Russia and 90 Day Fiancé star Julia has a heart started living in Las Vegas. The couple also faced Julia’s harassment of other women who were possibly interested in Brandon. Brandon and Julia’s story continues in the new episode of 90 Day Fiancé show spin-off. Meanwhile, Betty appears to be enjoying her special day with her beloved child.

90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human? will air on Sunday at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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