Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Kicks Off in Sweden: Setlist, Stages, and More

At Stockholm’s Friends Arena today, BEYONCE ahead of him tour in four and a half years, brought Renaissance on stage for the first time. He is scheduled to perform for three hours in the Swedish capital, without an opening act. Check out the setlist as it unfolds below; based on covert rehearsal footage, he is expected to give live debuts in “Break My Soul,””Virgo’s Groove,””Cuff It,” and other tracks from the record. This story will be updated as the set progresses. For now, watch the episode below. The concert is expected to start around 7 pm Central European Summer Time (which is 1 pm Eastern).

Renaissancewhich was released in July, is Beyoncé’s seventh no. 1 album. It won him some Grammy AwardsBest Dance/Electronic Recording, Best Traditional R&B Performance, Best R&B Songand Best Dance/Electronic Music Album—making him the most decorated artist in Grammy history. (His partner Diplo responded an obvious bit of snark which may or may not be misinterpreted.) Still, by marquee pop standards, she’s run a low-key campaign, and her relative scarcity has fueled the intrigue around the tour.

Currently, Beyoncé has not released any videos from Renaissance, and “Break My Soul” was the only official single. Before tonight, he had only performed live once since the release—controversial, at a private event in Dubai. that Concertsfor an audience of celebrities and special guests, featuring a cover of Etta James’ “At Last” and songs spanning Beyoncé’s career to Renaissancebut no tracks from the album itself.

The tour continues tomorrow with a second night in Stockholm; the North American leg begins in Toronto on July 8.

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