Big Brother Brazil 21 Wins Juliette Gets 24M Followers On Show

Big Brother Brazil 21 winner Juliette Freire gained 24 million Instagram followers while competing in the show. Find out how he did it.

Juliette Freire was crowned winner of Brother Brazil 21 after gaining a shattering record of 24 million Instagram followers during his time on the show. For 21 seasons, Big Brother Brazil a widespread hit on the Globe-attracting millions of viewers each year. The Brazilian edition, which has always been pointed out as BBB, began its 21st season in January 2021. The cast featured 10 anonymous players and 10 celebrity contestants, all vying for the biggest prize of R $ 1.5 million.

Juliette Freire discarded Brother Brazil 21 as a completely anonymous person. She is a 32-year-old lawyer turned makeup artist from Campina Grande, Paraíba with about 3,000 followers. But in between entering the BBB home on January 25, 2021 and won the season on May 4, 2021, Juliette gained 24 million followers Instagram – more than anything Big Brother contestant in history. As all Big Brother performances on the planet, players have no access to the outside world, including their phones and social media accounts. Before following up for season 21, Juliette asked some friends to run her accounts while she competed on the show, which was a common practice for everyone. Big Brother Brazil players.

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The thing is, Juliette Freire can never predict what she wants ruined everything Big Brother Brazil RECORDS when it comes to social media growth. To continue her growing popularity on the show, Juliette’s social media team is not only growing but becoming more organized. As detailed by Medium & Message, Juliette’s social media team grew to 21 professionals in the 100 days she spent indoors. Juliette’s friend and business manager Huayna Tejo led the entire team, which included an Instagram engagement manager, led the Twitter content, led the TikTok / Spotify content, led the Facebook content, a full -time planner, three video editors, and photographer, among others.

It’s important for Juliette Freire’s social media growth to be part of a large team that can keep up with the relentless reactions coming from fans watching Big Brother live feeds. Consistent with a separate report by Medium & Message, Juliette is already in the process of land sale contracts worth $ 4 million (in U.S. dollars, nearly $ 1 million per contract). That is, each of Juliette’s sales contracts post-Brother Brazil 21 will double the prestigious prize in the American edition of Big Brother, which is $ 500,000 in 22 seasons. If that wasn’t enough, Juliette’s beautiful singing voice has once again caught the attention of many music makers, as reported by POPline.

As it stands, Juliette Freire has already been hired by a well -known Brazilian PR agency known as BPM. In addition to Juliette, the agency also manages artists such as Anitta, Maria Rita, Pedro Sampaio, and Thiaguinho, who are all famous musicians in the country. Tonight, Juliette finally left Brother Brazil 21 home, he will know how his life has changed in the last 100 days.

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