Big Ed Says His Relationship With Liz Moved ‘Fastest’

Big Ed recently said that even if he moved quickly in his relationship with Liz, things between them would be resolved. Liz clearly felt differently.

As in the first season of 90 Days: The Alone Life Wrapping up, Big Ed gets a new perspective on his relationship with Liz and why things aren’t going so smoothly. Ed has always been sabotaged himself by flirting with young women, and Liz is no different. Even if Big Ed admits there is clarity, fans are more confused than ever, as his take on the state of his relationship is not the same as what Liz said. Ed certainly pushed his relationship with Liz too quickly, and it’s unclear if the couple is still together.

Very strong resistance when Big Ed started chasing him 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, but later, she agrees to be his lover. Still, their relationship is rocky from the start, because Liz wants things to slow down while Ed wants to move as fast as possible. Even if they are still on the show, Liz recently ruined their Instagram story with a clear post on the breakup. Fans weren’t surprised to hear Liz call it quits, but a recent conversation with Big Ed suggested the couple could still be together.

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In a conversation with Every Week, Big Ed talks about her relationship situation and what things have gone wrong with Liz. We’re in a tough place right now, and we’re working differently [it],”Ed commented. Ed explained that Liz had been away from her later relationship just two weeks before he dated her and that “the biggest obstacle in our relationship was we were both very strong.“He said he pushed the relationship because he”excited to have a boyfriend.

Even if a lot of fans think so Ed and Liz’s romance is built for the show, Big Ed saidI really am [in love with her]and I still am.”Big Ed’s sentiment is great, but it’s not the same as what fans saw in the show. In the interview, Ed admitted that he and Liz “glued to each other’s hips,”However, in the later stages of The Alone Life, Ed complains to Liz that he didn’t make it a priority or spend enough time with her.

Big Ed commented, We have a lot to work on. We talked about getting advice. We talked about worship. That’s why I’m so optimistic. I want to give it a chance and look at it.”He made it as if the couple were struggling but still together. But Liz clarified how she felt about Ed and had talked about his dark side on social media. Previews for the future Tell Everyone The episode also makes it seem like there’s bad blood between Liz and Ed, so her interview comments suggesting that their relationship is the survivor feels questionable.

90 Days: The Alone Life not finished yet, so there is still time for a surprise. The status of their relationship with Big Ed and Liz changes depending on who commented. It was as if Liz was done with her oldest boyfriend, but Ed clearly still thought there was hope. Fans have gotten out of this relationship from the jump, so the news that they’re done for good is sure to be a relief. Most viewers want nothing more than to see these two differently, and, no matter what Big Ed said in his recent interview, the couple seems to be splitting up.

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