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At the beginning of The Last of Us episode 3, Ellie and Joel make it 10 miles west of Boston. Ellie had never been in the woods before. Ellie took a moment to address the elephant in the room: Tess’s death. “Don’t blame me for something that wasn’t my fault,” Ellie said. Joel and Tess chose to do this mission.

Ellie and Joel had 5 hours of hiking ahead of them. Ellie tries to make small talk and asks Joel about the scar on his face. Joel avoided answering. They stumble upon an abandoned store and look for new supplies. Ellie finds a secret door in a basement. He finds some Tampax and hears of a lone infected trapped under the pavement. Ellie walked over to him and took out her knife. He slashed her face and then stabbed her in the head.

Bella Ramsey
Bella Ramsey as Ellie. (HBO)

After they leave the store, Ellie wonders how the pandemic happened. Joel’s best guess is that the cordyceps mutated and got caught up in the food supply. He explained to her how it had developed so rapidly. They discovered a pile of bones. Joel revealed that a week after the outbreak, the soldiers passed through the country and evacuated small towns. People are told they will go to a QZ – if there is room. If not, they are killed. These people are not sick. “The dead cannot be infected,” Joel said.

The episode goes back to 2003 when the evacuations started. Bill, it’s played Nick Offerman, watching everyone play on his security cameras. He managed to avoid evacuation after hiding in his secret bunker. When he walked out, everything was gone. He shopped at Home Deport and stocked up on gas and other supplies.

Four years later, Bill built a fort around his house. One day, he heard someone fall into one of the holes he dug around his house. His name is Frank, played by Murray Bartlett. He is from Baltimore QZ and trying to get to Boston. Bill tests him for the infection, and Frank’s results are negative. Frank is desperate for food.

Bill lets Frank clean and have dinner with him. When Frank saw the piano in the living room, he couldn’t stop playing. Bill tells him to get up and show him how to do it right. He sings and plays by Linda Ronstadt “A Long Time.”

Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett as Bill and Frank. (HBO)

Frank asked, “Who’s the girl you’re singing about?” Bill replied, “No woman.” Frank kisses Bill. They lie down together. Bill has never been with a man.

Three years later, Frank and Bill are together. But it’s not always sunshine and roses with them. They struggle with compromise. Frank wanted to contribute in his own way. Tess and Joel know each other. Joel and Bill take one-on-one time. Joel offers his help with the wire fence, but Bill is stubborn. Joel warns Bill that the raiders will arrive sooner or later.

Another three years passed. Bill and Frank have made a life for themselves. “I was never scared before you showed up,” Bill admitted to Frank. As Joel warned, the invaders are indeed coming. Bill has reinforcements put in place, but he ends up getting shot in a shootout. Bill thinks he’s going to die and urges Frank to call Joel.

Ten years later, Bill survived his death. However, Frank is now in a wheelchair and suffering from what appears to be cancer. He knew the end was near. One day, he woke up and told Bill that it was his last day. Bill didn’t want this to be the end, but Frank made up his mind. She wants to marry Bill. After dinner, he wanted Bill to crush the pills and put them in his wine. They go to bed and Frank falls asleep in Bill’s arms.

Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman as Bill. (HBO)

Bill didn’t think he could help Frank like this. “Do you love me?” Frank asked Bill. He already knew the answer. “Then love me the way you want me to,” Frank said. They get married, Bill cooks an amazing meal, and Bill does what Frank asks of him. But there is a catch. Bill also took the crushed pills. He doesn’t want to live in a world without Frank. They will sleep and die together.

Joel and Ellie arrive at Bill and Frank’s house. Joel knew something was up. The house was very quiet. Ellie finds a note and a key from Bill. The letter is dated August 29, 2023. He tells Joel not to enter the room but says to bring whatever he needs.

“I used to hate the world, and I was happy when everyone died,” Bill wrote. “But I was wrong because there is one person who should be saved. That’s what I did. I saved him and I protected him. That’s why guys like you and me are here. We have work to do. And God help any mothers who stand in our way. “

Bill gives Joel everything and says in his letter that Tess is safe. Joel goes out and finds Bill’s car. He tells Ellie that he has a brother in Wyoming who might be in trouble. She used to be a Firefly and helps take him where he needs to be. After cleaning themselves up, Joel has some rules for Ellie when she goes with him to Wyoming: don’t go ahead of Tess, don’t tell anyone about his condition, and do what he says when he says it. They went down to Bill’s bunker and found what Bill was hiding.

Peter Pascal
Pedro Pascal as Joel. (HBO)

When Joel isn’t looking, Ellie grabs a gun from one of Bill and Frank’s drawers and doesn’t tell Joel. They got out of the truck. This is Ellie’s first time in a car. He didn’t know what a seatbelt was. He found tape on the dash. This is Linda Ronstadt. They kick off listening to a classic, ready for whatever comes next.

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