Bill Gates said that now is the best time to be alive

With cost of living around the world, economists are relentlessly sounding the beat of a looming global recession, and Europe’s first land war in decades approaching its one-year mark, 2023 may sound like one of the worst times to live. For what it’s worth, Bill Gates wholeheartedly disagrees with that statement.

“In terms of the best time to be alive even now is the best time to be alive,” the philanthropist and Microsoft The co-founder said Wednesday, answering a question on his favorite period in history at his 11th annual “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. Gates said he finds any period of scientific innovation “exciting,” and based on the rest of the session, where he fielded questions from fans and followers for more than a time on everything from artificial intelligence to billionaire behavior, he anticipates the coming years full of achievements.

Gates points to what he thinks are the next big advances in science: He’s less enthusiastic about the prospects of Web3 or the metaverse — which are both. great focus for corporate and tech giants last year. But he is in the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence and its many applications, including the AI-powered ChatGPT chatbot launch ‘ by OpenAI in November.

If now is the best time to be alive, it may be because of the rapid pace of scientific innovation, according to Gates. He added that company founders like himself had a role to play, although he admitted that the wealthiest could be watched with higher taxes. He also advised other billionaires to follow his lead and give all his wealth within their lives.

“In terms of the very rich I think they should pay more in taxes and they should give away their wealth over time. This is very fulfilling for me and is my full time job,” he wrote, answering a question about what billionaires should do with their wealth.

‘A glimpse of what’s to come’

Gates notes the major threats facing humanity, including climate change and global access to health care — intercut with lighter notes on what he reads and what he likes. TV movies, movies, and comedy shows in 2022.

But when it comes to more human challenges, Gates takes an optimistic tone by promoting scientific advances, the work of his research companies and his charity foundation, to which he donates. $20 billion of his personal wealth last year.

Gates discussed the progress made by his nuclear reactor engineering company Terrapower, which is working on a new generation of reactors which generates electricity with no carbon emissions and higher efficiency than current models. While Gates noted that the war in Ukraine has caused delays in the supply chain for reactor fuel, he said the project is set to make a “huge contribution to climate challenges because it is low-cost and very safe .”

Beyond technological innovations, Gates maintains that individuals can have a significant say in mitigating climate change through their own choices, including the choice of electric vehicles, purchases. carbon offsets when they travel, and vote for politicians who have climate change on their agendas. “We need climate support from both parties in the US and all countries. Staying optimistic is a good thing!” he wrote.

But the most important technological development in the pipeline, according to Gates, is the advent of artificial intelligence with real-world applications. Gates said that advancing health and climate technology and helping shape AI advances are the third and fourth things he’s most excited about in the coming year, respectively. became a grandfather and being a good friend and father.

“AI is the big one,” he wrote in response to a question about what he sees as the most world-changing technological changes coming online. “I don’t think Web3 is as big or the metaverse thing alone is revolutionary but AI is quite revolutionary.”

Gates was particularly impressed with ChatGPT, a success luck CEO Alan Murray last month called the “most important news event of 2022.”

“It gives a glimpse of what’s to come,” Gates said of the creation of OpenAI. “I’m impressed with this whole approach and the rate of innovation.”

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