Bill Nye Says Jennifer Coolidge’s Golden Globes Story Wasn’t About Her

Oh! Wrong guy!

Because so Bill Nye Science Guy recently clarified, Jennifer Coolidge does not refer to she on 2023 Golden Globes but the Love Actually actor Bill Nighy.

“When @jennifercoolidge talked about pronouncing Nighy last night, it wasn’t about me,” the famous science teacher wrote on Instagram January 11 with a photo of him and Nighy and footage from Coolidge’s speech. “But a few years ago, Nighy assured this Nye that both of our names rhyme with ‘guy.'”

In case you missed it, when the Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series award was presented—that went to Abbott Elementaryof Tyler James WilliamsCoolidge admitted that he was hesitant to fulfill the honor. In addition to the nervousness that he might fall off the stage or have issues with the teleprompter, The White Lotus star said his “biggest nightmare” was mispronouncing the nominees’ names.

“The moment I say someone’s name the wrong way, I go crazy,” he said. “I’m crazy. I can’t do it. Like, you hear it one way and you can’t do it.”

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