Bill Ward to Black Sabbath: “Let’s Make Another Album”

building Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward also expressed interest in making “another album” with his legendary band.

In a recent interview, Ward opened up about the possibilities of teaming up with other passionate members of the Sabbath: Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Ozzy Osbourne. Ward has stated before his desire to record an LP with the original lineup, while Ozzy said in 2019 that he expects the band to play “One last gig” with Ward – even if the singer insisted later no interest to do also with the Sabbath.

“My biggest argument was‘ we’re going to make another album, ’” Ward said Metro. “There’s no need to live, because I’m looking at what I can realistically do. The way I play drums, it gets harder as I get older. I haven’t talked to men yet. about it, but I talked to someone in management about the possibility of making a recording. ”

The ward is famous came out Black Sabbath before the band’s final album and farewell tour due to a contract conflict, including concerns about his physical fitness. However, his drum throne was filled by Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk for the album, 2013’s 13, and Ozzy’s solo band drummer Tommy Clufetos for the tour, which wrapped up in 2017. Ozzy admitted that the last tour was “bitter” without Ward.

Even though Ward mentioned that he hadn’t explicitly mentioned a reunion with the other band members, he said Metro that he was contacted by Ozzy and company, there was they gather Iommi and Butler at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

“I deal with guys,” Ward said. “I talked to Ozzy two nights ago. A lot of things have passed between us and there are new boundaries that I need to work on, but I don’t think there are a few of them. I have been working with Tony since 1964 when I was 16 years old. I am their brother and I love them. ”

Fortunately, it looks like the intensity around Ward’s fall in the band was the water under the bridge. Maybe a Black Black reunion could happen afterwards.

Ward’s extensive new interview is part of the press campaign for today deluxe reissue of Sabbath’s 1976 album Technical ecstasy – further proof that the Ward is in better terms at Sabbath camp. The LP chose to solo Ward’s lead vocal performance and sing the song “It’s All Right.”

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