BiP’s Kendall confronts Joe While He Still Has His Plan Proposal

Three couples got married while Bachelor of Paradise during the last seven, but this is the final suggestion that brings more to the drama side.

On Tuesday, October 5, it was seen by spectators Kenny Braasch put on a ring Mari Pepinfinger of, followed by Maurissa Gunn receive a suggestion from Riley Christian. Then, that’s it Joe Amabile – LyriCool LyriCool. English Italiano. Grocery Storeit’s time to express his love for Serena pitt following their happy time in the fantasy. “I’m ready to be with Serena now,” she told the camera.

However, things are never as simple as that paradise. Suddenly, Joe’s ex Kendall Long growing again on the beach after volunteering to have left a few weeks ago because of the pain he felt while watching Joe and Serena bond.

While Joe was standing alone on the beach waiting for Serena to arrive, Kendall approached him. “Probably not what you expected,” he declared. Joe replied, “Ah, no, no.”

He goes on to explain that he first decided to participate at this time in order to transcend the past. paradise Joe’s relationship that began during season five of 2018, but seeing him again where they once loved proved to be very difficult to go through.

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